Jacob Augustine / Press

“Within this three-album epic, he manages delicacy and brooding fervor as if they are one in the same. Augustine is a brown bear nursing a dove. His songs are timeless yet dwell on mortality. He may be as lost as everyone else, but listen to his music and you may never want to be found.”

“His songs are gorgeously tender, raw, full of throaty urgency and wisdom”

“The song "Bikini" starts with slow, chanted vocals before opening up into a rousing harmonica and guitar stomp. "God's Guns" features rhythmic percussion and a Middle Eastern melody, but Augustine's dynamic vocals are the highlight. In fact, throughout these four varied songs, it is the lyrics and delivery that keep knocking me on my ass. Augustine delivers each line with such passion, whether hushed or fervent, that I can't help be mesmerized....It will draw comparisons to Bon Iver, and is more than strong enough to stand up to those comparisons. This is one of the most accomplished EPs I've heard this year, Jacob Augustine is definitely a songwriter to keep your eye on.”

“These works are as introspective as anything you've heard”

“Folk singer Jacob Augustine whom I’m extremely excited to see play will open the night. His experimental folk music from the backwoods of Maine is stunning, his voice is strong and the songs are thought provoking and full of depth.”

“There are times when Augustine’s voice sounds like Rick Danko’s, and others that conjure Richard Manuel’s ghost. On “Asthma,’ one of the most moving songs I’ve heard this year, he sounds like both departed Band-mates. “It was so good to see your smiling faces,” he croons. You’ll walk around with that line in your head for days after hearing it.”

“Both showcase his voice, which leaps from a deep holler to a vibrato-laden falsetto, bringing to mind everyone from Van Morrison and John Prine to Bon Iver and Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons. It’s powerful stuff, with an urgency and earnestness that demands the listener’s attention.”

“He’s one of those musicians you can’t seem to talk about without using phrases like “slays me” or “kills me.””

“An interview with Dispatch Magazine in July 2012, about the new Bikini Island EP and recent experiences while on tour”

“My urge to kidnap this man and transport him down the road and out to that old church with just two walls nestled between the trees and gravestones at the cemetery where we buried my dad’s brothers is very high. Very high. Dude could sing about Hannah Montana riding a unicorn and I’d probably still recommend you download his jams…”

“Augustine wails like he's bringing down the walls of Jericho”

“He sings with a set-fire-to-the-world voice, and is a thought-provoking wordsmith”

“Jacob Augustine’s music releases an arrangement of whimsical sounds, so enticing that it leaves anyone wanting to listen to more”

“We were already well-aware of the power of Jacob Augustine‘s songwriting and voice, but what does it take to properly celebrate the unveiling of three albums at once? Apparently, an epic show full of talented guest musicians and a whole lot of support.”

“Possessing the stage presence and integrity of a firebrand preacher (except without all the answers), Augustine commands urgency and attention”

“Combining the joyful-yet-cerebral vibe of the Arcade Fire with the vocal pyrotechnics of Jeff Buckley; the spiritual gravitas of Leonard Cohen or Sufjan Stevens with the worldly folk sounds of Beirut or Devotchka”