Jatoba / Press

“The uniqueness, the sense of community, and the all-out party of that winter show indeed had larger implications, and with the release of their debut CD in March, “Death, Fire and Picnic Tables,” Jatoba are forever emblazoned into the annals of Vermont’s music scene, whatever the future might hold.”

Clara Rose Thornton - The Rutland Herald

“What Jatoba throws down with their latest album is a secret language sandwiched between two guitars and a phat Double Bass. This sound is evidence of their own language in the making. Guitars, one for each ear, speak clearly in voices within mystic whispers. The Double Bass brings tones from the underground, collectively creating lyrics from language's transmitting like train rails and smoke signals, canyon echoes and signals through telegraph wires. Their poetic formations fly from Colorado to the Northeast.”

Michael Shurtz, Billboard Magazine's former Editorial Cartoonists/Poster Artists

“I guess that's why there is such a diverse following for Jatoba. From the typical "Phish head" to the punk and rock lover to the old-school country fan. There is something in Jatoba's music for everyone. Everyone can interpret and relate in their own way. My word for them is still "unique", although I can probably come up with at least one thousand more if need be. What words will you use to describe Jatoba? No matter what you think of when you hear Jatoba, there is still one word that everyone can agree on. FU#%CKING AMAZING. Sorry, two words.”