Jaswho? / Press

“Jaswho?, Nudroid Musik. Local engineer and producer Jaswho? (Jay Williams) experiments with some wild sounds on his debut. A weird battery of bleeps, drums, and gadgets coalesces around several female vocalists. For a dance album it's remarkably varied, owing mostly to the emphasis on vocals.”

“What I liked from Jaswho right off the bat was his original style which is a mashup of house, hip-hop, R&B, dub, dubstep, techno and downtempo. I have a feeling we will be seeing much more of him in a big way.”

“Bay Area-based multi-instrumentalist/producer/engineer/vocalist Jaswho? (pronounced Jase-hoo) has been crafting his club-friendly music for over a decade -- a style that is allegedly "at the forefront of the 'San Francisco Sound.'" I can't say I'm familiar with the "San Francsico Sound," really (I wasn't aware we had only one), but suffice it to say, there are apparently some infectious, pop-leaning dance tunes in the works for his upcoming debut album, Nudroid Musik (out on November 2 via Temple Music Group).”