jason v chapman / Press

“Jason Chapman is one of the many godfathers of music that improve mental health and well-being. His music plays along the lines of Bruce Springsteen, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and Josh Turner all rolled into one amazing artist. Doctors and professionals can capitalize on the path Jason V. Chapman is blazing and continue the important work of improving public health and well-being with his music.”

“Kaysee L. Gore: Mr. Chapman and his family stayed at the hotel I work at. It was one of the most touching experiences I've ever had at work. I was having a terrible day. I work at night and I'm usually the only one on duty, that night everything was breaking and I was running from room to room, we were sold out, I had lines of people trying to check in, my computer freezed up, I had people asking me for things we didn't have, like more cribs and rollaway beds, and the phone wouldn't stop ringing, it was just bad. Mr. Chapman checked in, and I was pretty impressed we had a musician staying here. He gave me a CD, and later he came down and played for me and a few guests in the lobby. He was so nice and down to earth. Jason Chapman is a very talented musician, that loves his family and God, but he also cares about us little people. THANK YOU MR. CHAPMAN. To you and your family, thank you.”

“Jason Chapman, who’d left Houston way too early and had a long drive back ahead of him, unleashed a vocal that’s a blessing in its own right.”