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“ SATURDAY'S PICK: JASON STINNETT BAND AT THE THIRSTY TURTLE Long before he started the band that carries his name, Jason Stinnett was getting that name in the paper as an accomplished Blount County firefighter. However, he’s not the only emergency service member who plays country-rock in the Jason Stinnett Band on the weekends. In fact, a certain Weekend editor can recall a friendship with a certain firefighter/JSB guitarist — one Mr. Bill Bain — that goes all the way back to their days at Camp Chilhowee, in the wilds of Blount County where they were boyhood pals. But we digress. The members of the JSB — a band based out of Friendsville — are all self-taught musicians, and the five members write songs that “come from our life experiences,” they write. Which begs the question — which of the boys is the “Redneck Romeo,” as one original song is titled? No matter — they’re all good dudes,”

“Jason Stinnett Band was honored to be in the company of so many other great bands in the area who came together to play a benefit concert for the victims of the tornado that came thru Greenback .”

“Jason Stinnett Band was a hit on Saturday”

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“Jason Stinnett Band Grand Marshalls of the City Of Rockford Christmas Parade”