Jason Root / Press

“Anong his myriad influences, Chad Sexton and Carter Beauford seem to have made the biggest impact given Root's penchant for tasty hat work.”

Andrew Lentz - New Blood - article in DRUM! Magazine

“Who doesn't love a kick ass drummer!”

“As an attorney in New Orleans, I have had the opportunity to represent the legal needs of numerous Grammy nominated musicians. I have studied their craft as a fan and as a legal advocate. When it comes to technical ability on the drums, there is no one on the planet better than Jason Root. Period!”

“From reggae to metal, and east to west, Jason has been an accomplished drummer since his early years. Combining both skill and devotion, he has mastered his playing as well as his production, and has a bright future in anything surrounding music.”

“Achilles drummer Jason Root has shown his incomparable talent on the CD with tracks such as "Why the Fire Dies" and "54:40".”

“Ultimately what sells the band is…the pummeling pronouncements of kinetic drummer Jason Root.”

“Jason's drumming on the track "No Limits" has been ranked as the "#15 BEST DRUMS in Alternative Rock for ALL TIME" on our website.”