My Anus Burns / Press

“Do I like this? Does the Pope shit in the woods? Yup! Made my children cry, you saved me the energy.”

Peppermint Truncheon - REVERBNATION

“You rock my anus! And as I have said, because I do worry about the burning, Preperation H is good on the hole. :-) TJ”


“If I was traveling in a worm hole of a stargate this would be the soundtrack of the voyage of a Light Year jump....Funking Crazy Love.......That's creative collective Moon Spell Jizz...Hot Shit!!!! Keep doing it man...”

3rd Eye Liquid - Reverbnation

“Twisted shit to melt your mind with! Very Cool! ”

DARKSTAR - Reverbnation

“When I dance, I like to jump up and down to stuff like Kylie or Boyonce........your music is noisey and I can't dance to it! Can't you do something proper like Take That? Also this title "My Anus Burns".....that's rude! Can't you call yourself something like "My toe is a bit sore"??? ”

The Beautiful Val Denham - MYSPACE

“Super Karate Monkey Death Car”

Macho Business Donkey Wrestler - MYSPACE

“Were I to classify your music into actual genres: Industrial Drone music. Musique concrète. I am inspired... Thank you :) ”

Angel Annihilation - MYSPACE

“i think you have one of the best band/act names i came accross... although psychedelic horse shit is kind of cool also! ;) take care!! and watch out with fire and too much beans! ;)”

Toxic Chicken - MYSPACE