Jason Lee McKinney Band / Press

“The Jason Lee McKinney Band has teetered against the edges of several different genres on their previous releases with an alt country sound that touched on rock, singer/songwriter and Texas country. However, their double volume release Play Something You Believe mashes all of those influences together into one ambitious 19-song collection. Volume 1, the electric edition of this release, pulls together an eclectic blend of styles to create a different feel from song to song, but a feel that somehow plays off of one another quite well....Volume 2, the acoustic edition of this release, gives us an entirely different look at what their arsenal has to offer....Regardless of which volume you prefer, the songs are all designed to grab your attention whether it’s through a toe-tapping melody or heartstring pulling lyric. The Band took major chances with this release and the risks have paid off as they have defined their solid songwriting and take a large step forward........”

““Play Something You Believe In, Volumes 1 & 2” from The Jason Lee McKinney Band, provides listeners with the best of both worlds. Volume 1 features 11 electric alt-country rock tunes that are designed to get you and your significant other (or even a perfect stranger) up on the dance floor, while Volume 2 strips down to the basics, giving you the chance to catch your breath, sip on your favorite cold beverage and nod your head in time to the beat. My favorite cuts include the acoustic “Sinking Stone,” the funky throwback “Midnight in Memphis,” and the meandering, mellow and occasionally melancholy “Summer Makes The Sunshine.” Whether you lean toward amped or acoustic, you’ve got to appreciate the artistry of McKinney and Company. And at $15 bucks for a double-CD featuring 18 tunes, you definitely get your money’s worth.”

“Over the last several years this band has developed a sound that combines a lot unique styles that can clearly be heard on this double header....I don't know if McKinney realizes it or not but he has played something all of us can believe.”

"...18 songs in all with no shortage of classic McKinney bite not to mention clever titles....are prime examples of his wit, and as usual the lyrics follow suit with stories of personal struggles but also with a sense of communal spirit. The different sides and moods of PSYB keep this ambitious project from buckling under its own weight, and McKinney once again delivers the best southern rock around with flashes of heartfelt country."

“Key tracks include “Barstool Fellowship,” with a hearty dobro and a hook to sing with the whole barroom 20 minutes till close, and “Midnight in Memphis,” with a funky groove, hard-hitting horns and a delicious guitar solo.”

“The band's music styling is reminiscent of Bob Seger, Little Feat, or Ry Cooder; just timeless rock and roll that's grounded in blues, soul, and country-real Americana roots rock.”

"jason & his guys are a deep drink from a clean, cold river - a pure, straight shot of great songwriting & great, bold playing."

Walt Wilkins (singer/songwriter)

“As I walked in, and saw it was standing room only, I became excited that maybe this wasn't going to be just another show. It certainly wasn't! As the night went on I knew I was experiencing onto something special.”

"They made a Thursday night feel like a Saturday night!"

“Great energy! One of the best live bands that I've seen in 2013, a breathe of fresh air with originality, I'm a big fan, a must see band. Brett Dillon - KHYI, Dallas Radio.”

Brett Dillon

“While we all have some part of us that are gypsy, vagabond spirits, Jason Lee McKinney is the troubadour we all find that barstool to sit on for that sense of belonging. "All my friends are Troubadours, Vagabonds, and Thieves just like me" With foot stomping songs like ‘Two Steps’ and ‘Rattle The Cage’ and the bluesy ‘Don't Deny the Proof’ to the twangy ‘Strangest Places’ and ‘Long Long Gone’ the album has 13 stand out tracks. Rating: Four Pabst Blue Ribbons ”

“Equal parts bravado and grace, “Troubadours, Vagabonds and Thieves” is a remarkably consistent work from the opening blues stomp of “That’ll Preach” to the piano groove of the album’s closer, “Passenger Side.” Weaving and speeding through each drive down Americana’s back roads and lanes, the band’s strongest asset, McKinney’s voice, is strong and deep; a compliment indeed to his solid songwriting.”

"McKinney has never sounded so comfortable. Its as if the tape just happened to be running while he and some friends sat around strumming guitars and playing fiddles. McKinney never over reaches vocally, delivering his words with warmth and ease."

“Everything is coming together for his new album; Troubadours, Vagabonds, and Thieves. Musically, the songs reflect a bluesy, gritty, swampy sound that seems entirely natural for McKinney.”

“That is McKinney's greatest skill: Although he writes songs about himself, he's essentially writing songs about anyone who has been in love, out of love, from a Midwestern town, or dreamed of being a musician.”

“Jason's latest EP, "Strangers, Stages, and Cheap Hotels," has combined what's best about classic country and the current country scene: there's a rich electric guitar running through most of the pieces, but like most good country, he tells stories, sometimes his own, and sometimes that of every Midwesterner.”

“What was the first show you ever played?”

“.: How did you choose the title for the CD, is there a story behind it? Answer: That is interesting. After 2 record deals with two different bands and 10 years on the road ,I went through a very painful divorce and had to come off the road to fight for custody of my kids. I spent 3 years completely away from music.I didn’t play, write, sing, or even listen. Then it began to callme back and at the same time my twin sons began to fall in love with music as well and one of them asked me what it was like on the road. So I went into this long winded speech about all of it and after I was finally finshed 15 or 20 minutes later, my son said so being on the road is „Strangers, Stages and Cheap Hotels“ and I was speechless. All I could get out was „Yes“ but I knew I had a song in that, I had never heard the road summed up so succinctly. He is a co-writer on the song. ”

““A long long time ago.” The words of the Don McLean song begins about the day the music died. Well the same can be said of the music business over the last 10 years. Ten years ago there were 10 “diamond” records while in contrast so far in this year, 2010, there are none! Not one. Things have changed. So what does this mean? Is the music business truly going to die….???….wait for it? Wait for it? NO. The music business is not going to die, however the larger than life Rock Star’s and their larger than life tours are dying. If your dream was to be a rock star you may want to adjust. So the challenge becomes how to carve out you own niche, how to rise above the noise and frankly make a living in this brave new music world. So in the land of no more rock stars how can you strategically set yourself up to thrive in what is becoming a survive business.”