Jason Kemp / Press

“EVOLUTION Review by Matt Lawrence As you listen to Evolution’s 12 tracks one thing becomes very clear - Jason Kemp is one heck of a songwriter. From album opener I'm Still Here to closer Right Where I'm Supposed To Be, it's hook heaven and you can't help but get swept away. Amidst the many standouts, I found the track Buck You completely irresistible - tapping into my inner redneck and inspiring a middle finger salute for those who dare question my affinity for country music. It is lit”

“It’s claimed personal growth comes measured in the people you meet, the places you visit and the experiences you have. Six years away from the recording studio and Jason Kemp has used the time, the miles and the locations as primer for his new album, Evolution. Hoofing it around the fairs, the low-paying festivals, the tip jar bars and the dusty rodeos, Kemp took his music anywhere there was an audience. The therapy has paid off. Kemp, as outback as a cold and foaming Fosters, has proved what focus, talent and poker hot ambition can offer. Now with an album quickly pulling interest, Kemp reckons you can put the house on this; and he’d know, stakin ..........”

“Pitching The Song : Matt Lawrence To describe Queenslander JASON KEMP as a prolific songwriter is a gross understatement. Since he first put lyrical pen to paper at age 13, the man has amassed a catalogue of around 3000 songs. It’s little wonder he has found his place among the writers commissioned to work for the publishing arm of Pacific International Music - a company created by MICHAEL FLANDERS and ROBERT MACKAY, which among other things, utilises the best of Nashville and Australia to produce recordings and tracks for the international market. This is where the Jason Kemp story starts to get really exciting. He currently has a batc............”