Thought Experimentalist / Press

"the grateful vision" is a very chill track!!!! i totally love it... you should have a bigger presence on RN, in my opinion... really nice... it's not easy to produce a groovin' ambient tune like that... i know, i've tried... lol... peace and love... ya boi d

The Magneto Flobe - Artist

“Epic sounds, very inventive and expressive. ”

Rhesus Monkey -Artist

“SoG version is very creative Jason, sounds like no other version I heard and I love the madness of the sounds, blending with the slow melody and groove. Great mood!!!!!”

Vincent Pablo -Artist


Jennifer Rojas - A Fan

“Hey Jason, listening to your tracks tonight "beautiful river" is simply, beautiful and loving the vibe of "the dolphins crossover" nice!”

Kim Guthrie -Artist

“Just listening to your God is Beautiful which I'm always getting a kick out of, Jason. I kind of think your Karma keyboard supports the spirit in your music:) At least reading about it here inspired me to look up a few religious terms and contexts. So, sharing music inspires in many ways. Thanks, Jason. ~ k.”

Kloudworks -Artist

“Nice world you've created here Jason. I've checked out your tunes and it's become addictive.”

Chapa -Artist

“I love your work here. Your imagination seems endless, and every listen is a nice surprise. What a unique approach to sounds, textures and voices. Fantastic.”

Tom Hedrick -Artist

“Great experimental music, strange and beautiful Merci Nina”

Nina Valentin -Artist

“On display is an incredibly wide range of experimental compositions, each replete with interesting "found sounds." The judicious use of percussion maintains a steady flow, with the panning and effects creating soothing atmospheric soundscapes. Very creative, original and a truly worthwhile listening experience. Welcome back, Jason!”

Howard Lawrence -Artist

“Is there a nicer route to travel but the Beautiful River and watching The Dolphins Crossover? See you soon, Jason:) ~ k.”

Ships Of Gold -kappi