Maudlin Magpie / Press

“Genuinely clever lyrics are rare, but this album is full of them. A literary aesthetic informs not just the words, but the delicately crafted music itself. Multiple narratives are created between vocals and the music, resulting in a sonic dimensionality that matches the depth of sentiment contained within.”

“... akin to having a conversation with a dusty book in an opiate dream... literary surrealism... stream of consciousness lyrics about life’s brief, but affecting moments.”

“His literary approach to songwriting shone through, and the subtle resonance and clarity of his songs spoke to a spare style that gave the melodies and textures space to communicate to listeners — and between performers — in a deep but gentle manner.”

“Two Maple Keys is as much a book of poetry as an album... The arrangements are gorgeous and often haunting. The vocals are smooth with subtle jagged edges that elucidate a quiet underlying urgency. And there's a lot of heart here, bleeding, pumping, fighting to live and love. If you aren't listening to this, you should be.”

“Story based songwriting... like [Joanna] Newsom creates her own mythology, own world... a very literate feel to his lyrics.”

“Horodyski's lyrics were perceptive and impressionistic yet not vague and helped to create and recreate images and feelings inside you without having to hit you over the head with false cleverness or cheap wordplay. Overall, Maudlin Magpie was wistful and charming.”