Jason Charles Miller / Press

“He’s a throwback to what made country music famous. He’s a storyteller, through and through. He crafts country music in it’s truest form. A man with a guitar, telling the stories that shaped the person you see before you.”

“To scour the world for people with such talents would be next to impossible. Meet the impossible. His name is Jason Charles Miller.”

“He’s a consummate pro, veteran singer and writer, with a genuine feel and love for the country music he writes and sings that he hopes will define him from this point on. In addition to a strong, great-sounding voice his songs are as country contemporary as anybody out there right now.”

“Uncountry is dramatic, cinematic in scope and semi-autobiographical. It’s also a keeper. Deep in lyrical life-lessons, it’s totally thought-provoking, and as satisfying as a shot of whiskey coursing down one’s throat to warm the innards. Miller’s on the Southern Rock side of country: Ornery, tough-as-nails and he looks the part.”

“The song Uncountry is f***ing awesome and definitely resonates with my personal experience.”

“Every song on Uncountry will probably end up a hit. Bottom line; this cd is a real kick in the teeth!”

“Jason Charles Miller is a part of a lot of things that many of you love and enjoy. A lot more than you may think or believe.”

“He unplugs his soul on songs that are carried by nothing more than evocative vocals and stripped-down acoustics.”

“What happens when you take a dark and brooding band leader and give him an acoustic guitar? You get "Last To Go Home." Bare bones and stripped down songwriting is what you will get out of the EP. A departure from the usual sound Jason has provided in the past, this new EP delivers an open book style of songwriting. A man, his guitar and his words for the world to hear.”