Jason MacDonald / Press

““Absolutely terrific guitar work, smooth, entertaining vocals and quality production make "Got a Ways to Go" extremely radio worthy. A pleasure to get Mr. MacDonald some radio exposure on Acoustic Planet”. ”

Steve Clarke Host: Acoustic Planet CHES Radio -- The Mix 88.1, Erin ON The Gran

““Hearing Jason put a smile on my face..so that's good. Nice, upbeat, summer-time feel-good track. You can feel the passion for Angelina in the song. Mark it down as a future hit here in Canada.. Honestly, it is a great upbeat record that deserves airplay on AC and Hot AC radio stations.” ”

Bill Wilson - Music Services - Music Director CKPR - Thunder Bay

"Jason MacDonald is one of the most refreshing young artists our island of Cape Breton has seen in some time. In this day of tuned vocals and studio tricks, Jason is a throw back to the days when artists had a unique sound and could capture the audience with clear, clean vocals and perform their material just as well onstage as in the studio. One listen and you're hooked, solid songs, great vocals and a great communicator with an audience...a pure singer-songwriter"

Bill MacNeil - General Manager/Program Director - The Coast 89.7FM CKOA

““Jason’s voice captures your heart with his outstanding singing, and one can notice his songwriting abilities. What appeals with this album, is that every song is radio playable because it reaches out to such a broad audience. Judging by the quality of this Album, Jason is bound for stardom and no doubt will become one of Canada’s musical treasures .”.......... ”

John Gavin - Atlantic Seabreeze