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“The Jason Adamo Band ("JAB") brought their incredible live show to WitZend in Venice on Friday night, May 25. Once again, the incredible genius of Laura Goldfarb and Red Boot Publicity has introduced an amazing group of musicians with a sound that is familiar yet unique. Featuring the sterling vocals and guitar of front man Jason Adamo, the strong foundation of bassist John Briggs and drummer Shedrick Williams, the lead guitar rifts of Doug Casteen and the high soaring harmonica of Fabio Consani, JAB has a sound like the marriage of Darius Rucker and Bruce Springsteen. Jason's vocals are rich, soulful and powerful as he pours his heart into every note. Every member of the band supports this effort, and the resulting music is memorable, heartfelt and emotional." "The Jason Adamo Band is on the fast track to the top - this band is amazing and deserves your support"”

"All-encompassing is a broad term, one of those labels that lends itself to the necessity of adjectives like “alt-country“, “old-timey“, “folk“, “acoustic” or “rock“, to help narrow things down a bit. But that is exactly what we get, with The Jason Adamo Band on their upcoming EP Bricks & Mortar, slated for release June 5th. We get a slick six songs in just under 25 minutes, that is all-encompassing. It is a mix of styles, and by listening, it is evident that The Jason Adamo Band could be successful in any number of genres... ...Stretching their talents, while maintaining a balance between artistic creativity and mainstream accessibility, The Jason Adamo Band have created a radio friendly EP, complete with compelling tunes, that skillfully walks that line with finesse and candor."

"Adamo sharpened his chops in the NYC subway system, as a street performer, developing a powerhouse sound, that can only be bred on train platforms underground. Beginning with Far Away From Here, he demonstrates his vocal range, hitting the high-falsetto notes Sexton style before swinging back down to tear the floors up with bold grit and heart–think Joe Cocker. Patricia, which is a tribute to his aunt, was a crowd favorite. Lyrically strong, poignant, and raw, the standing room only crowd, was captured in engaged silence. Soon he launched into Midnight Swings, a floor stomping, rollicking, good times tune, that forces you to get up and dance. Raleigh Nights, closed out his set, showcasing his alt-country leanings. With his distinctive voice and personal performance, Jason Adamo proved not only his ability to provide a solid body of acoustic work, but couple that with the force of his personality and you are left with the knowledge that you can’t ignore him or his music."

“WEST LONG BRANCH—"North Carolina is no slouch when it comes to producing great songwriters and musicians. Performers such as Ryan Adams, Tori Amos, Ben Folds, Eric Church and Mitch Easter are just a few top acts that have rolled out of this great state. And while Jason Adamo hasn’t reached some of the notoriety as these folks have, he is well on his way to becoming a member of those musical household names. Adamo and band play unpretentious rock and roll, flavored with many influential heroes and experiences of life. Their latest CD, titled Transistor, is an intricate and arabesque stroll through Adamo’s country-tinged pop style and musical interpretation from his great band. The band stopped at Monmouth University’s Anacon Hall for an hour-long set of music from Transistor..." ”

"The Jason Adamo Band’s latest album, (Transistor) bulges with emotive anthems, surging melodies, towering refrains and passionate performances. This is music that would sound just fine on rock radio playlists between mainstays U2, Coldplay and Bruce Springsteen. Transistor bodes well for that possibility, with songs like “Los Angeles,” “Guilty Bystander” and “Far Away From Here” conveying the angst and conviction a stadium-savvy outfit must be able to deliver. Fortunately, the group also knows how to rein it in, as evidenced by the spunky shuffle of “Patricia” and the brittle ballads “Bring It Back” and “Innocent.” Ultimately, Transistor aims high—and happily, hits its mark."

"Transistor is a remarkably polished effort that harkens back to the classic rock era"..."with tight production work by John Briggs musicians traveling to Nashville or wherever for studio time really need to Google this guy..."

“Jason Adamo has been rocking stages in Raleigh, and across the country, for many years. After moving here in 2003, he embarked on a musical journey that has evolved into a full-time career. Jason can rock an acoustic set just as heavy as he does with a full band. His energy well surpasses most of what we see as far as a live show in this area.”

“ "The power Adamo is able to maintain at the top end coupled with his raspy falsetto and knack for writing and passionately delivering his simple yet soulful lyrics make him an artist with the potential to be somewhere between Josh Kelley and Marc Broussard."”

"It’s good to hear a kid that can sing...there is a tenacity and depth in his voice that forces you to pay attention. There is no pretense or attempts to sound like anyone else. Yes his voice reminds you of Otis Redding, or Joe Cocker, but, to be sure, there is no pretending happening here..."

"Adamo has a wide range, and he's expressive, gliding between notes, lacing his warm tenor around the words gracefully."

"Jason has the makings of a National Level Recording Artist" - John Custer, Grammy Nominated Producer

John Custer