Jarrard Anthony / Press

“Very talented as an artist and refreshing much Love and Respect”

Afrika Bambaataa, Hip Hop Pioneer & Music Legend - Quote

“JARRARD ANTHONY has proven himself time and time again.”

“Today’s R & B/Soul music has morphed into an assortment of Neo, Acoustic, Indie and Rhythmic Soul. Dynamic recording artist/songwriter, Jarrard Anthony encompasses all forms of soul music.”

“One of the artist who will take the future of Soul music to the next level.”

Eric Roberson-Grammy Nominated Indie Soul Legend

“A very talented artist...a do or die attiutde with no altenatives..thats Jarrard Anthony”

"Mr. Independent of Good Music"

“An artistic identity worthy of broader notice”

"A high adrenaline stageman and modern crooner who knows how to woo the ladies and speak for the fellas"

Gordon Chambers - Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter

“His outstanding abilities as a singer, songwriter, musician and amazing performer makes him one force to be reckoned with.”

Soul-Imprint Magazine

"A refeshing dose of charm and musicianship"

VIBE Magazine

“Jarrard Anthony's music is like that of a polished diamond. It glistens & reflects the light & love of a star. ”

Urban Global Artist, www.u-g-a.com

““Spiritual and Seductive” ”