Japanese Game Show / Press

“What’s remarkable about this trio is not only the level of musicianship — scary high, by the way — but also how it moves seamlessly, effortlessly from style to style, sometimes in a matter of measures. The band might move from New Wave-y goodness set to a disco-esque beat to a Nirvana-style freak out with little or no warning. Sometimes Price will unleash a Keith Moon-ish bout of fury from behind the drums, sending a song to its seeming breaking point before reigning the whole damn thing back in. He and Drummond create a fine rhythm section while Yaeger whips out consistently interesting guitar parts that are as integral to the songs as anything his mates deliver. And maybe that’s Japanese Game Show’s greatest trick — and maybe the trick of the whole night: as much as you want to single out one player for high achievement you find yourself realizing and believing in the full power of the whole ensemble...a fine reminder of the power of rock ‘n’ roll.”

"...Delivered quirky, yet cool, Japanese Game Show surprisingly captured my attention with their original, fun style. They have a way of writing danceable catchy hooks without being too repetitive, followed by bits of colorful lyrics. They also led me on a journey through various feelings and thoughts ending on a fun and catchy note in most all of their songs. I was shocked when I found out they had been together as long as they had (they looked so young), but it made sense due to their tight sound and comfortable yet zany interactions amongst each other and the well receptive crowd. I’ve seen many bands in Wichita and feel Japanese Game Show leads in originality all the while keeping their music relational and fun."