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“JanVernerC ... makes music as thought provoking as it is well put together. A maker of self described "heavy mental hip pop"... Any music fan should listen to his work.”

“NME Videos. Watch the very best free music videos ... JanVernerC”

New Musical Express

“Jan, Willie Nelson would love to have you join his peace project by recording your own version of A Peaceful Solution on mp3 and/or video."”


“Healthy music for healthy minds : recommended listening from our Friends on youtube .... JanVernerC: It is your day . Great Lyrics and music.”


"We love Buddha Bar"

Forks Magazine Paris

“Sun, 29 Mar 2009 17:30:00 GMT This month on video you will see trailers and sample clips of Buddha Bar from JanVernerC (www.myspace.com/janvernercee).”

“Musical collaborations from Sweden to Kazakhstan births dreamy Buddha Bar The Buddha Bar video is a collaboration between JanVernerC .., the Russian psychiatrist Taras Popov and ...Roman Majsonov. They have planning to create a DVD-production based upon the “Real Tales of Illusion””