Jan Schnell / Press

“Mesmorizing video and your song selections are Gold Standard in terms of vocals, complex musicianship and thoughtful writing. Very impressed with your work.”


“ღ *Wow* ur song should be number 1# in the charts!! you are such a spiritual, talented soul ❤ lyrical content combining with ur outstanding talents visually (♥_♥) the seven deadly sins that you have made so mind blowing that ur song n video is pure heavenly!! watching in my lounge on tivo is such an *awesome* experience!! ♪>(ツ)<♪ ✿ܓ ❤ ღ”

Youtube - belindandco

“Your music is filled with such heart and soul...a musical storyteller of the highest order...Such a brilliant sound!!! That one soul that connected to mine is one of the most beautiful songs Ive heard in a long time, your vocals and feeling in your words just blows me away! Much love and respect from Australia!!”

From my bedroom project - Reverbnation

“Just love the warm, rich expression of your vocals..you have an uncanny resemblance to a young Elton John so it caught my ear straight away..really love the detail of your productions, and the use of vocal layering is stunning..really feels like a wide, spacious shimmer on "one soul connected to mine"..beautifully dynamic and built up layers on that song. Just magical!”


“Wow, just watched the video for "Free the Arctic 30", that is one touching video, you really did an amazing job getting this point across, the song is beautiful also. I am taking it that the Arctic 30 were taking a stand, I'd say "Free the Arctic 30 the climate defenders". Wonderful job Jan, hope it reaches many, I did share on my FB page, hopefully it will get some views.”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“Your worldly page Jan is Amazing. It is a world of musical Star Dust, light and Heart, great tracks, vocals, musicianship, song writing, video making and view of the World, Conservation and All. It's an honour to be visiting here, Peace and World Love, Johnny Thank You for sharing your One Earth Heartistic perspective ..”

Johnny Bonkers- Reverbnation

“This music video is the story of a young calf left vulnerable as a result of rhino poaching - sadly this tale is representative of a real problem affecting the sub-saharan rhino population. Not only is the population dwindling, but often young rhino calves are left alone and traumatised after a mother falls victim to poaching. These calves often need to be taken into rehabilitation facilities until they are old enough to survive in the wild, and tragically younger calves sometimes do not make it through this ordeal, or are not found in time. The song lyrics were written by Jim McIntosh with music and vocals by Jan Schnell. A very big thank you to this team! Jan has also collaborated and performed vocals for two other songs dedicated to conservation and wildlife awareness - "Standing as One" and "The Three Musketeers" - See more at: http://www.kariega.co.za/blog/ive-been-running-tribute-to-african-rhinos-in-the-fight-against-poaching#sthash.1WN3zblL.dpuf”

“A special video and musical tribute to the African elephant featuring some pictures of our very own elephant at Kariega Game Reserve South Africa, as well as from Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, and video footage from Mkaya Game Reserve in Swaziland and the Kruger National Game Park South Africa. "Standing as One" was written and sung by Jan Schnell from Denmark. Jan has been a musician since his teen years and having spent many years in Africa he has been inspired in his music by the African wildlife he has seen across the continent. Thank you so much Jan, and to all the other Danish musicians involved for letting us be a part of the video and for sharing with us! - See more at: http://www.kariega.co.za/blog/standing-as-one-by-jan-schnell#sthash.M3kaLCLd.dpuf”

“This great video was written, produced and performed by Danish singer and songwriter Jan Schnell. It is his hope that the mission of the three musketeers will be shared and eventually seen in Asia. At Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa, we believe in promoting as much exposure as possible of this issue at the root of the problem! Consumer awareness on the brutal violence of the wildlife trade is key to putting an end to the slaughtering of thousands of animals. Well done Jan on a great video, and on your continued effort and musical creativity in the fight against poaching! Please support by enjoying and sharing this song! As Jan quotes on his Youtube channel - "When the buying stops, the killing will too." - See more at: http://www.kariega.co.za/blog/the-three-musketeers-on-a-mission-by-jan-schnell#sthash.DpTVA48W.dpuf”