Jannecke / Press

“I've been listening to your music on the web and I am so impressed by your talent. Your vocal dynamics and tones are outstanding. Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you and hear you live...maybe even work together sometime. Hope you have a great week and keep playing that awesome music.”

“WOW !! Girl !! You are GOOD !!! Hope you record some Ruthie Steele songs someday !!”

“Just reconnecting with you here on Reverbnation to wish you a successful 2013 breakout year in the music industry ! I have placed you on the 2013 Universal records artist to watch list and will be sure to spread the word about your music.”

“I love her stuff...she has such a sweet, strong sound to her voice!”

“Friends, check out JANNECKE! What a voice! You'll love her stories and her songs!”

“The most amazing voice I have ever heard, I love the covers you have done... I dont want to sound mean but I believe that you are even better than the original artist!! ♥ beautiful!!!”

“Well I think she's a very serious talent...love her voice and style :) wish her all the best!”

“Best female norwegian country singer in my opinion. She´s great!”

“Damn, haven't heard a voice like that in Country Music in years, definately a fan!”

Duke Isaacs - Facebook

“She's a wonderful Talent!”

Eddie Bayers, 13 time CMA award winner for Best Drummer, voted top 10 best ever! - Facebook

“Wow ! Tonite was the first time I heard you sing live...every song you sang I didn't want it to end. Your voice is so captivating a person becomes mesmerized by it. Lol I guess you could say I liked it ...a lot lol. I don't think you guys will be coming home from Nashville if only to pack lol. Good luck with all that. I can't wait to hear you sing again !”

John Luukannen - Facebook

“ When i reach heaven and hear the angels sing, this is what i want them to sound like....what a great voice”

@makin_majik - Twitter

“Jannecke has a great voice - the first time I heard her I was knocked out - some serious talent happening here”

“After listening to Ain't Goin' Down I can say she sure shounds Nashville Country to me!”

"No doubt about it, Jannecke has talent. It certainly is clear hearing her sing covers that she is in most cases better than the original"

"You got a genuine country voice. Im a fan, keep it up. God Bless"

"Get an ear full of this smoking country artist from Canada eh?"

" not very often does the hair on my arm stand straight up! What a nice experience to feel someone actually singing from their soul.What a long over-due change.No put on.No vocal acrobatics.Delivery in it's most unspoiled form.Honest and true.A real treat to behold and no seeable attitude,just being in tune with one's self.No need to prepare lines or read off a score,when you are in touch with yourself it all comes out so wonderfully natural.This lady has alot of potential "

Mike Murphy - Played with Anne Murray among others in Nashville - 5 Star Productions

"Two words is Follow & listen to artist Jannecke Friesen @jannken she is a true diamond. What a voice! http://www.reverbnation.com/jannecke "

"you have a great voice the voice of a star"