Janice Kephart / Press

"Please join the GRAMMYs. I listened to your work, and it is lovely and different."

the GRAMMYs, Bill Freimuth, Sr VP Awards

"Rain Dance... our longest running top ten hit, staying in our charts for four months and one of our most requested tunes."

“Janice Kephart's 'Moon' is Fresh Pick of the Day on RADIO WOT90, a station featuring women singer-songwriters.”

"Nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Prize, one of the most prestigious poetry awards available. Janice's thematic compilation, 'Love in Three Parts: Entice, Endear, End' is both unusual and creative. Janice finds a few immense words to evoke complicated emotions we all find in the growing and dying of love."

Alabaster & Mercury

“Janice thank you for the fanship I'm blown away by your spoken word. I have not heard anything that good since JIM MORRISON. It is fantastic.”

Jimi Jr. - Reverbnation

"Completely enthralled by your work. I'd never really heard anything like it before. Ethereal, sensual, captivating. I was spellbound."

Texas Johnny

“You're so versatile. So adaptable to the different tracks and moods. I guess the whole production is more than separate tracks, 'cause they expose your matters and concerns, your clear spelling is an accurate-meter. I mean, it's the way you dissect the letters and words and keep them joined at the same time giving a metasemantic experience to the listeners. I love your work.”

Le Club

“Wow! This is the most original sounding music that I have ever heard! Not even sure how to describe it, as your "Trip Poetry" blog says...Oh, and I'm getting a hint of a Jim Morrison vibe in your phrasing...Brilliant! jc”

John Cheney

“Absolutely delighted to find the Pride of Alexandria ; enjoying "Monster" in ways I wouldn't have thought possible - THEN I got to ;"..your tuna in a can of chicken of the sea..." I was Hooked, Line and Sinker ;) Compelling music from a Gorgeous babe- what a treat!”

Joe Williams, Vancouver - Love Monster!

“The world needs you Janice. Poetry and beautiful words can save man's soul. Your work comes from intelligence and sensibility. You're a real artist.”

“Janice, Your wonderful words are themselves drops of soothing, soaking , beautiful rain. Such great Passion. You must live life with Love.”