Jane Tanfei / Press

“Absolutely beautiful dirge-like tracks in "tap" and "fate"..really love the lyrical repetition of "fate", has an almost spiritual, drone-like sound to it..such a rich, resonant depth of feeling and power in the vocals and writing..i'm sure the songs here are contemporary originals, but they sound like they come from a place very deep and very far away..quite a stunning listening experience! ”

“You have an amazingly beautiful voice and I really like your songs/style. Keep it up!”

“I LOVE your vocals and music... Great success to you, as always! ”

“Jane your music is wonderful... [You] have a great sound and deep, sincere songs.”

“Great songs....I have yet to get thru them all because I only heard 2 and was moved to write this. Your music just kinda eased right into my mind, there.”

“Very honest sound, good music.”

“I am enjoying your music right now also starting on "Fate" and making my way through your playlist, Good stuff... Keep up the good work... ”

“Your songs sound great!”

“Like your music! I'm glad to see there are other artists doing original music here in Spokane!”

“I think you've got a new fan. I really enjoyed hearing your stuff.”

“Love your music!”