Janelle ja / Press

"My proudest moment was a recent performance at the Appollo Awards Ceremony, which featured celebrities from HGTV," she adds. "Some-one came up to me afterwards and said, "what a wonderful performance'; I was almost in tears." Janelle ja loves all musical genres. "If the music sounds good. if it has a good message behind the tunes, I am all ears," she says.

“After living on a tight budget and enduring the four years of indecision about choosing a journalism or interior architecture degree to please her mother, Janelle “Ja” Gilbert finally found her beat in music and made a pact to give back to the community. The 2006 alumna released her first EP, “Laura’s Daughter,” on iTunes, CDBaby.com, CDUniverse.com and in physical form on Oct. 16, the latter sponsored by the Illinois Art Council.”