Jane Fallon / Press

"She's smart, she's classy, she lights up the room."

Michael Moran, Director - Amazing Things Arts Center

“Powerful, inspirational, uplifting and impressive . . . one of the good artists in a sea of soulless clutter.”

Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music. Com

“On talent alone, a force to be reckoned with . . . her artistry shines through on many levels.”

Billy Copeland - Billy Copeland News

“The type of music that requires you leave your cynicism at home. Pretty intelligent, expressive.”

Kevin Finn - The Noise

“Playful, inspired and wonderfully recorded, Jane Fallon offers another fabulous offering that should be shared with the world. Outstanding! (Tangled in a Tree).”

Metronome Magazine

“. . .a lovely patchwork of music on Gemini Rising in a Patchwork Sky, a collection of songs that stitches itself together note by note and warms the soul . . . Fallon's production work, assisted by Jim Henry and Jeff Root -- is exemplary. The instruments are all crisp and clear in the mix, and Fallon's voice is front and center. She does good work all around, and it pays off for her. If you like good folk music, it'll pay off for you, too. ”

““Jane Fallon has the voice of angel. I mean it. This gal can really sing. Can you remember when you were a kid and you would hear a lullaby being sung over the radio or on a record? The voice was so soothing, beautiful and sweet. That’s Jane Fallon. I can guarantee that if you walked by a club or coffeehouse where Jane was singing, you would be compelled to walk in and listen. Her gift is that powerful. On her new CD Gemini Rising . . . the Southern NH native offers gorgeous prose delivered by that beautiful voice. She’s mesmerizing, methodical and musical . . . Enjoy every offering on Gemini Rising but make sure you don’t miss album highlights like the swanky sass of “Money’s Gone Blues,” the back porch country bounce of “Battles” and the old timey appeal of “Blue Dress.” ”

Metronome Magazine

““Her mix of gentle humor, intelligence and deep musicality imbues her songs with an artfulness that is unusual. . . . she is an adept story-teller and crafter of songs."”

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World Blog Spot