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Music Genre: Alternative, Pop, Electronica, EDM, Trap, House, R&B, Rap, Folk

When Jane Bordeaux, an American multi genre singer/songwriter/lyracist/producer, burst into prominence a few years ago it was clear from the start that she was someone to watch. A truly unique artist in every sense of the word.

Jane Bordeaux offers music like you have never heard it before. Which is why in 2011, 2012, 2013, and again in 2014 Jane's unique sound and rapidly growing fan base caught the attention of the founder of a prominent Music related website, Nimbit. The founder of the popular music website requested to use Jane Bordeaux face to sell their music related products on their site by utilizing her image. Jane Bordeaux's image was featured prominently on the music company's website and has been in different visual formats including photos and video from 2011 to 2015.

During this time Jane Bordeaux’s first breakout single "Erotication" is a sensual tale about forbidden lust and deep dark desires. Ambient vocals juxtaposed with titillating lyrics quickly envelop the listener in double-entendre salaciousness. In the "Erotication Remix", Jane minces no words: "Your eyes are shifty... You isolate me/Rough touching gets me horny". Not for the timid or faint at heart, as elsewhere, the lyrics become several shades darker. Produced and lyrics written by Jane Bordeaux, her powerful songs provide an escape from the everyday predictable pop song. An pleasure filled journey from beginning to end. "Erotication", available on iTunes and Google Play gives a revealing peek into honest dark desires not often talked about, let alone, in songs written by young females.

Jane mostly writes about her reality with a hint of fantasy. Her subject matter can be a bit raw, tricky or even down right gritty, sexy and taboo, while other song's of Jane's are fun, gentle or soothing and ethereal. Having over 150,000+ online worldwide fans and followers from over 15 fan pages, including 42,000+ plus Facebook fans from six fans pages and over 78,000+ Twitter followers are enough validation that her music is undoubtedly resonating globally. Jane wants to turn on, uplift, energized or thought provoke anyone and everyone with her music. She wants to bring different types of people together by mixing different genres and unique sounds. Jane does not care if you are poor, rich, white, black, gay, transgender, disabled, young or old her music is meant to touch everyone equally.

In August 2014, Jane Bordeaux's new single 'Romancing A Stone' generated an abundance of plays due to it's radio worthy popularity. This helped to propel the artist onto the Top Ten Pop Charts on Reverbnation.

In late 2014, Jane was interviewed by the Hip Hop and up and coming artist entertainment magazine founded by Gordon Gray, MAFIA MAGAZINE. The music magazine was so impressed with Jane Bordeaux's interview and musical talents that they asked to feature her as their cover model for their published music magazine's November issue.

Fractal the official DJ for Enrique Iglesias on tour with Pitbull, who is signed with major label Monstercat contacted Jane Bordeaux to do a possible future collaboration. Also in 2014, music producer Scott Storch's management team contacted Jane Bordeaux regarding doing a possible future collaboration.

Recently, Jane Bordeaux was asked to be put on a mix tape project with Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs and artist Stevie Stone from Tech N9ne.

Jane has written lyrics and ghost written music for famous artist over the years. Now that word has gotten out about her skills as a lyricist, musicians from around the globe are requesting to work with her.

Directors have begun approaching Jane Bordeaux to use her music in their upcoming films and international television commercials. Here music can currently be heard in rotation all over the world including on WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE online radio.

This year has been really busy for Jane Bordeaux. Jane is working on many multi genre collaboration projects with talented artist from all over the world.

Jane Bordeaux's debut album, dropping in 2017, featuring elements of nearly every genre of music possible, is witty, romantic, sultry, fun and full of catchy beats with unique sounds that are memorable, and have meaningful interesting relatable lyrics. Jane's first album will feature the ever popular 'EROTICATION' as a bonus track and will also feature her highly anticipated chill melodic new song, 'SKY WALKR, a mellow song about getting high with friends. Her first album will include collaborations featuring Pop, Electronic, Ambient, EDM, R&B, and Rap laden tracks. Fans who are highly anticipating Jane Bordeaux's first album release will be pleased with her showcase of chill melodic instrumentals, deep throat beats, mesmerizing vocal harmonies, funky electronica, Celtic ambient melodies and much more.

Today many well known popular (Pop / Electronica / EDM / Trap / R&B / Rap / Folk) artist and musicians are reaching out to collaborate with Jane Bordeaux. With much early on success as an independent, unsigned, artist who normally produces her own music, it is a true testament to why fans are excited for Jane Bordeaux's future releases. Jane Bordeaux is a rising star who has and will continue to have a future presence with music lovers worldwide.

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