Jandro Is Not A Band / Press

“Jandro (Alex) IS NOT A BAND... he is a one-man ass-kickin musical genius”

“I could listen to your music all night long...”

“I love your music. I want to dance. :)”

“Songs for the coolest soundtrack you've never heard.”

“Really big sounds! And quite the variety!”

“This is my favorite music!”

"I like the sea drowned the sun!! Different!"

"...electronica music that doesn't sound like everyone else."

"...nice groove and it's very unique."

"Like the sounds you're using."

"Very innovative style, cool beats, and hot, wild sounds!!!"

"The Firedance and Toothless Grin are awesome pieces."

"'The Sea Drowned The Sun' has a really nice FEEL"

"Loving 'Jazz fo that Azz'. Digging your catalog, can't wait to hear more."

"...we could definitely do something together. I really love your music."