Jan Bell / Press

“Jan Bell leads The Maybelles in up tempo, soulful country”

Time Out, NY

“Dark, old timey spareness. Celtic/Appalachian influence. Gorgeous!”

Chuck Eddy, Village Voice

“Jan Bell completely won me over!”

MT - Sing Out!

“Simple, well sung songs, the way it should be.”

Phil Edwards, Americana UK

“4 STARS - Wonderful! Jan Bell and company are the real deal”

Tim Perlich, NOW Toronto NXNE Pick

“WINNER Alt. Country Album of the year. INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS ”

People's Choice, 2008

“They sound like they might be the grand daughters of country greats from the 1930's, The Wild Wood Flowers”

BBC Radio London - Charlie Gillett

“Bell's music isn't strictly bluegrass, but her reworking of old-time country and jug-band blues is remarkably nuanced.”

Edd Hurt, Nashville Scene

“The British are even making waves in the home of country...Jan Bell, a latter day Loretta Lynn from a Yorkshire coal mining background, whose roots still show”

Tim Cooper - The Sunday Times, London, England

“Spirited, soulful twang and inspired lyrics from this veteran of the international alt.country scene. ”

“It's exactly what you want, a good-time band in a good-time pub.”

Brighton, UK - Artists and Makers

“Dreamy, beautifully modulated and exquisitely arranged folk country blues”

John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music

“Its country blues all the way, in a delivery that'll knock your socks off!”

Susan Porter - Fayetteville Free Weekly

“I was speechless that such soul and volume could come from one little lady. I'd rank Jan Bell in the top that I saw at NXNE.”


“Jolie Holland's TOP 10”

Magnet Magazine

“Brooklyn Country Music Hall of Fame 2009 ”

'For Unending Support of Country Music in NYC'

“Top 3 Albums of the year 2008. Hosted by Gail Comfort.”

CMR Nashville UK