Jana Pochop / Press

“You forget that you’re listening to an independent artist as you look to the radio dial to see the station you’re on. That’s the magic of this release, it feels far more polished, and so friendly, you assume it’s from a more prominent artist, and that speaks volumes to the compositions.”

“‘Middle Of My Chest’ turns up the rock factor, with the guitars cranked higher and chugging powerfully, with Pochop’s voice confident and strong. By the time the chorus kicks in, the track has turned into a full on fist puncher, and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t heard of her before and how you got by without her music this far.”

“On Jana's new EP, Throats Are Quarries: "Overall, the most impressive thing about this EP is definitely the variety within. In barely 5 songs, Jana is able to pack the album with songs that showcase her eclectic and diverse influences, but at the same time screams personality and talent."”

"Jana Pochop is a dynamic writer, singer and guitar player....With a uniquely original voice and a driving right hand rhythm style, she delivers a powerful solo show. With a totally honest approach, Jana writes lyrics that she had to have lived through".

Lloyd Maines - LM

"Her last name is as original and unique as she is...the real deal."