Jana G. / Press

“I am confident with the EP, and overall, I really enjoyed the experience. I think fans can feel that too.”

““Mixed Signals” is enjoyable on several levels. If you just want some up tempo tunes to dance to, you will find them there. And if you’re after a multi-layered display of songwriting craftsmanship you won’t be disappointed.”

“Watching her music videos, you would not assume she has a day job in accounting — her charisma is something else.”

“Gio gets awkward with Jana G--in a good way--about her singing and songwriting”

“So she pulled up her website and I was blown away! I was amazed by her vocal range and great versatility…”

“Rock bands like Jaded and Jana G. playing there”

"The poppy and rocking Jana G. out of Chicago has released a new EP..."

"pretty, young, fashionable things as they swayed with the crowds at indie rock festival…"

"The stylish set kicked-off concert season in Austin, Texas..."

"Obviously, track-off voters wanted a little rock with their pop..."

“I've nicknamed today's track-off the Battle of the Pop Rocks.”

"Pop the trunk and find out what happened..."

“Is accounting clerk next big recording star?”