Jamy / Press

“OMG! wonderful music! Best I have heard in a long time.”

Antonio a.k.a PT - R&B/Soul Artist-RN Email

"Beautiful voice and a beautiful girl..."

Dan Martin-The Dan Martin Project - World Artist-RN Email

"you are awesome jamy"

Alyson Howell - Soundcloud-Fan shout-outs

"I LOVE IT!! My daughter & I were dancin' around the house..."

AmberLamps - Soundcloud-Fan shout-outs

"...did a great cover of "Rolling In The Deep" - I think she has serious promise.."

Rich Diamond - Adele Forums-Worth Waiting For

"Jamy is not only beautiful, she is the most talented singer I have the privilege of knowing personally =) Her voice is most definitely a God given gift, and if you hear she is going to sing somewhere, you better go, I do not know anyone ever regretting going to her performances, After years of knowing her and being like a sister, I finally got the chance to capture her image through my lens. Well what can I say, the camera loves her!"

"Love your music!"

Young Eze - Hip Hop Artist-RN Email

"Excellent groove!"

POST530 - Rock Artist-RN Email

"Enjoying what i'm hearing..."

MikeWhitePresents - Dance Artist-RN Email

"Nice music!"

Aleksandar Ludajic - Pop Artist-RN Email

"Wonderful music here..."

Sanjay Lal - Country Artist-RN Email

"Great sound & vocals..."

Stephen Brad - Metal Artist-Reverbnation Email

"loving your music - best to you from ausie fan -"

Daydreams4rock - Rock Artist-Reverbnation Email