Jam Thicket / Press

“Hello Dave, Met Dan while hitchin' a ride and he made mention of your band so I checked it out online. Most fun I've had all week! I love the space in the music. You guys have multiple killer hooks lyrically on "Big Fish" (I'm assuming that's a Jamthicket tune). They are understated since you don't repeat them, as in "just on a journey enjoying the view!" So far it's an eclectic soup and I love the flavors.Somebody spilled some Allman Bro.'s, some Yes, some Miles and a taste of Average White Band in my ear years ago and I like all that in the marinated version. Let me know where/when you're playin', after all I'm not too old to dance! James”

James Worley - Letter from a new fan

"Bully Strut is superbly representative of your overall groove, a clean, sharp laser point of clarified funk and sweetness that reaches deep inside, shakes my ass, soothes my soul, and brings an unrestrained smile. Thanks for restoring my faith in today's musicians and cutting through the genre clutter." - David Namerow [on ReverbNation] (Congas/Hand Percussion)

David Namerow - Reverbnation

"Jam Thicket [...] are as grounded and rehearsed an outfit as you're going to find. Internally they'll always find minute faults that drive them crazy, but to the naked ear the music isn't rock, it's granite." - Playing with the Pros review by Captain Crip

Captain Crip - Blog

“Jam Thicket was one of two finalists in the Wild Wings Cafe BATTLE of the BANDS competition. The winner will receive a concert in The Corner Lounge with videos appearing on earless rabbit! The other finalist was OH SO. Congratulations to ALL the bands who competed!”