Jam Sandwich / Press

“John J. Jackass says, "music listening public a bunch of tight asses. Will pay $7.00 for coffee that is pennies to make. Won't pay $1.00 for music that costs THOUSANDS to make".”

John J - You people are idiots

“BRAND NEW Christmas music out around Tanksgiving ! ! + + Stay TUNED + +”

That one guy - Jam Sandwich

“Cool name, logo & SMOKIN' TUNES . . . and the video for I BELIVE is very clever.”

Pilgrimsprog - @pilgrimsprog

“If you like funk music dripping with southern flavor, check out Jam Sandwich, for funk sake.”

Josh Abe Miller - @joshretweetking

“Absolutely love your fun, funky sound. Amazing vocals & the instrumentation is impeccable. Keep up the great work. #highonmusic”

Youngfellas - @youngfellas

“Great sound. Tight. Rockin'”

Glenn G (fan) - Comment on Reverb Nation

“I can't wait to hear FUNKY FINKLE WINKERBEEN. I might have to name my next dog that. Thanks”

Jenny Podcaster - @podcastlab

"I have no doubt in my mind you are making a ton of happy people out there with your music".


"Ya Killin' Me Here Brah!!! WOW!!! (the song) New Orleans is to me so much a cross of old Southern Rock, Smooth Jazz, and some of the Great old New Orleans Rhythm and Blues! Man it Blows ME Away!!!"

FAN - Matthew Schlenker

"Every time I hear this band, I am floored."

Nick Sanders

" I don't know which I like more, the music or the vocals".

Red Neck - The Gumbo YAYA Radio Show - www.wrcr.com / 1300am

“Jam Sandwich reaches #1 in Hot Springs for 2nd YEAR IN A ROW !”

Feed Me Semore - Peanut Butter Times