Jamie Slater / Press

“Jamie was extremely professional and an amazing talent. I am honoured to have had her play at my event. Thank you Jamie.”

“Jamie Slater contributes lyrics to "Back Against the Wall," which is definitely the track on the album most likely to reach a mainstream audience. Poignant, painful, and utterly heartfelt, Slater does not simply gently supplement the instrumentals in the background, as vocalists do on other tracks; her voice overpowers the entire song, breathing new life into Audrey Vixen's vision, and illuminating their brooding, introspective musical backdrop.”

“With her rendition, Jamie Slater expresses a pain which is still fresh and overwhelming. The relationship woes she evokes and the wounds they have caused are very much tender still. Her ‘Wooahas’ resound rhythmically, with sadness and longing, like so many haunting regrets one simply cannot rid their mind of, no matter how one tries. It’s solemn and poignant to listen to, the unabashed emotion of this candid depiction of pain being nearly too much for the listener in its rawness. The orchestration eventually starts surging to the forefront while the vocals simultaneously recede and meld more in the mix, producing a sense that the pain is fading, or at least being buried deep into the recesses of the subconscious, and providing a measure of appeasement to the listener. However, the regrets still linger and echo on, the ‘Wooahas’ loud and clear and omnipresent right until the very end of the song. They are, in fact, what will stick to the listener’s memory most after the song”