Jamie Nova SKY / Press

“It took me exactly one complete listen to completely fall in love with Jamie Nova on Jamie Nova Sky’s latest project, This Is Life, released on July 30th at the Sunset Tavern. Its intimacy is immediate and captivating. When reaching for the bar set by lady rockers, Jamie doesn’t have to touch it; she jumped over it and pulled it higher.”

“Singer Jamie Nova has a voice that just ROCKS! I can not say it in any other way. A mix of Lita Ford and Getty Lee of Rush, Jamie has the range to sing what ever she wants.”

“Jamie Nova's vocals, a sonic melding of Anne Wilson and Ronnie James Dio, are the most resonating element of the album and are wisely kept in the forefront of the mix. Her yowl is so fierce, you'd swear she descends upon each show in a chain mail bra straddling a pterodactyl. As Metal with a capital M as she is, I'd love to hear Ms. Nova's vocals applied to varying genres, as she has the power to potentially cross over and break out commercially, a la Grace Potter.”

“She is, according to one of our closest friends, Rolf Buiter www.mooie-muren.nl who was also our guest during this trip: “A boy trapped in a woman’s body”- tiny, feisty, muscular, tattooed . We attended a restaurant opening at Tres Amigos (Marbella, Spain) where Jamie played a few songs acoustically. She sounds like Janis Joplin and is a great guitar player as well as singer.”

“Rehearsing with the record explains why it sounds so accurate. I thought you took the vocal track off and recorded Ann Wilson over the top. And I challenge you to prove me wrong. (Talking about the newly released album 'We Salute You' by Hell's Belles)”

“Especially striking was the vocal delivery of Jamie Nova which was full of emotion, energy and raw power. This girl can really belt out a tune and has a vocal range that is second to none in the USA right now.”

“Singer Nova, who also fronts the Seattle based rock band Witchburn, was a vocal dynamo with incredible stage command.”