Jamie Meyer / Press

"He sings like a Badass angel and I really think there's a place for him in Nashville because he's got all the right stuff!"

Will Rambeaux

"Mer BAG än så här blir det inte."

Eric Wakenius

“I can't be anything else than impressed by this guy. If you love AOR with a touch of the LIGHT country-scene and a touch of Brett Walkers brilliant midwest AOR you must get hold of this album. The album is filled with radiofriendly tunes and the production is damn professional.”

“Meyer’s vocal range is superb and spot on. The songs he played off his 2008 CD, ("Great Big Chance") & 2010 CD (“Good Night To Be Young”) were testament to his strong vocal ability and propensity for great hooks. The commercial appeal of Meyer is not superficial – the music gets down into your bones.”

“If it's true that good things happen to good people, then Jamie can expect so really great things in his future! His latest CD titled "Good Night To Be Young" is every bit as impressive as his others. Born in Hising Island, Gothenburg, Sweden on August 31, Jamie first gain national attention when he appeared on the Swedish television show Popstars. His rendition of Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine" was the audiences favorite  and It was that performance that set the music world on notice that Jamie Meyer was the real deal! ”

"Jamie Meyer has an inviting and intriguing way about him. It may be the relaxed groove of acoustic rock and country blending with his personality, but the venue is alive and swaying along to his music. With distinguished notches on his belt, Jamie’s music career is steadily improving. A lively presence on stage and inspiring music makes the future that much easier for Jamie Meyer." –Hotel Café review

Adam Pompili - All Acces Magazine

"Jamie is a natural. A passionate pop-radio voice and a super positive attitude. So much talent waiting to explode."

"Hard rocking musicality and a tough but tender authenticity: Jamie Meyer is the real deal -- a riveting live performer whose songs are perfect anthems for a new decade. Highly recommended."

"Jamie Meyer's latest release, "Good Night to Be Young", is a great example of melding rock, Americana and pop. When first listening to the tracks, there was a comfortable familiarity that enveloped me. I couldn't put my finger on it, so I just let it flow and enjoyed the lyrical narratives and great musical execution. Sort of like enjoying a rich, barrel-aged whisky. Then it dawned on me...the Bon Jovi of the new millennium!"