Jamie Lynn Hart / Press

"Frontwoman Jamie Lynn Hart is an old-school blues belter backed by a stellar band..."

"A vocal force of nature, Hart belts and coos her way into the listener's consciousness, etching herself into your memory bank of songs that grab you right off the bat first time you hear them." -Bill Copeland Reviews

Bill Copeland Reviews

"This voice is very powerful and the playing is top notch, along with with a sophisticated cool to the player's chemistry” ~Taxi A&R


"Her uniquely beautiful voice has a multifaceted signature of soul, opera, and a nice little rock edge to keep it interesting. Her songwriting is of significance in itself and her siren-like vocal talent shines through and reflects her lyrical forte…” ~Boston Girl Guide

Boston Girl Guide

““Jamie Lynn Hart is one of the bright new stars in the Boston music scene, captivating crowds with her honey-hued voice. Okay, get it out of your system.... Wow. Hart will blow you away with her voice and is definitely worth checking out.” ~ Wildy’s World Reviews ”

Wildy's World Reviews