Jamie Lee Dale / Press

“The sign of a promising new talent? When a fairly effective cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” is easily forgotten after listening to the whole album. No, there’s nothing wrong with singer/songwriter Jamie Lee Dale’s take on “Yellow”; in fact, she does quite well in capturing Chris Martin’s swooning romanticism. It’s just that Dale’s own material, with lyrics dating back to when she was only 15, holds its own; a newcomer with a knack for infectious pop hooks and emotionally involving song craft, Dale uplifts and inspires relentless toe tapping on her debut effort, Let Me In.”

“Possibly the last thing anyone would expect from the debut album of a young female singer/songwriter is a cover of one of Coldplay's biggest hits. But on her first effort, "Let Me In," Jamie Lee Dale does just that, stripping away the epic sweep of Coldplay's original and instead focusing on its lovelorn balladry. Gifted with a sultry, swoon-inducing croon, Dale can sing any words and command attention; given lines of poetry from Chris Martin, she truly dazzles. However, "Let Me In" is about much more than just one incandescent moment. In fact, the whole album is among the year's most consistently engaging releases, performed with youthful exuberance and heartfelt passion. On "Trade It All," Dale's gorgeously fragile singing soars atop the dreamy keyboard melodies; "I Was a Falling Star," on the other hand, displays her playful side.”