Jamie King Colton / Press

“Having a great time listening through these songs.SONGS which are so damn good and consummately performed it's really quite scary! Skill,soul,passion and an ocean of cool.Respect.All the Best.”

“There are many great guitarists in this world,that's why Jamie King Colton is SO special.Very,very few instrumentalits can make their chosen instruments THEIRS(think Louie Armstrong on horn,Rick Wakeman onkeys).Playing well and playing flash is one Big achievement.Playing like King is yet another level.”

“Dion ,with a little help from Buffalo native Jamie King Colton on saxophone,worked the concert up to a torrid climax.Colton ripped into sax solos on two of Dion's best known classics.”

Tony Violanti - The Buffalo Evening News

“Rhythm and Blues,Rock,Swing,Blues and Jazz,his roots go deep.John Coltrane,Sam Butera,Red Prysock and Bill Dogett would have been proud to have him in their band.They all seem present when Jamie grabs hold of a solo and reaches for your gut,soul and spirit.Watch out,your on a trip.Apollo Theater,The Village Gate,the back alleys of New Orleans,the Chicago Jazz Clubs,Memphis streets---his sound,the rhythm,the haunting melodies working together----totally committed.I know cause I get to experience this magic night after night on tour in front of thousands of music lovers and never grow tired of his seamless solos.When he's doing his thing,the man is in the moment.The man is in the zone.An expression of our human experience---A range of emotion,the joy,the sadness,the swagger and the good times.Pure rapture----thrilling to be close and caught up.Check it out.The music is in his veins.He knows who he is.It's all there in spades..Jamie King Colton---the real deal.”

Dion DiMucci (Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer) - Leader of The Belmonts

“He is it.When he does his thing with sax,keyboards,whatever,you know deep down he's playin with all he has.He's one of the greatest sax players I've ever had the pleasure to work with(I've worked with alot).He is the best.The music gets inside you and it works down in your soul.Because it is so soulfull,you gotta go with it or get left behind.He's been my Musical Director and saxman for two years and it is the bomb.He really makes me look good up there on stage.I want to sing,sing and sing.As a matter of fact that's just what we do together .It's greaaattt!!!!Thanks Jamie for making me look good and sing even better.You are the BEST!”

Little Eva - Grammy award winner(The Locomotion)

“When your on stage with the magic of Jamie King Colton you realize the professionalism and class of an International artist.This does not go unnoticed by the audience.No matter what instrument he is playing he creates a standing ovation from his amazing solos.Throughout my career I have recorded and worked on stage with many great International entertainers and Jamie stands tall in this category.I'm very honored to have Jamie on my upcoming CD.I'm looking forward to future shows together.Jamie King Colton is an absolute inspiration to work with.During the time of recording together he showed me class,stamina and overall talent as a musician and person.As a friend and musician he will always be someone I can look up to.Many,many thanks.”

Roy Young - (The Beatles,Jeff Beck,David Bowie,Eric Clapton)

“What a stunning collection of first-rate,totally rockin,good tunes here...The skillz at playing and the song craft demonstrated are so thorough and complete...I'm totally in love with King Colton."Answer"is the kind of huge Rock number that could easily be a hit for Tina Turner while there's a touch of the type of soul that Hall and Oates used to record.A peerless example of a great rock song.”

Mike White - Mike White Presents(London)

“It's always a joy hearing and also working with Jamie.His talents as a writer,multi-instrumentalist and accomplished musician and singer are limitless.The music and recording industry is proud to have Jamie King Colton among its stars.”

Fred Weinberg - Fred Weinberg Productions