Jamie Alimorad / Press

“Alimorad's songwriting genius is clearly stated on each of these songs. He reminds us of what real songwriting is all about; telling stories that the listener can see him/her self in.”

“Out of Boston comes singer/songwriter JAMIE ALIMORAD and I am safe to say that finally we have here a true AOR performer.”

“If there’s one artist I would like to highly recommend at the moment then it is JAMIE ALIMORAD!”

“I’ve got to give Jamie and his team two big thumbs up... These songs should be on the radio, and I’ll be surprised if they don’t start showing up on the air, real soon.”

“This is a guy with a great voice and rock-solid musical skills, who successfully straddles the line between pop and mainstream rock, crafting catchy tunes with ear-pleasing melodies and an upbeat vibe... there’s an immediacy and straightforwardness to his lyrics and music... A big part of Alimorad’s appeal is his voice. It’s strong, clean, and with just enough rasp in it to make it interesting. He also has has an obvious talent for writing catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics. If you haven’t heard of him, and you’re into melodic, mainstream rock, you should definitely check out this album.”

““Dancing with You” is a song I could hear on the radio. As a matter of fact, I could crank it loud and proud with the top down and cruisin’ slow and low. “Let the music take you over, Let the rhythm take control…” I don’t like to call anything a “feel good number,” but man this tune makes me feel good! I don’t know if this is a pop song, a rock song, a dance tune, or what, but it’s a good song – which fits right into my answer for the “what kind of music do you listen to?” question – “Good Music!” I’ve played this one a dozen times, and it keeps growing on me. In the words of the immortals, “two thumbs up!” Alimorad has a musical sensibility that will open the ears of almost anyone. I mean, you’re gonna have to be just messed up not to like this one.”

“The debut offering from Jamie Alimorad is aptly named. Short but substantive, this album is a solid building block for future endeavors. The instrumentation of John Scott (guitar), Pat Gorman (bass), and Lucas Jones (drums) is tight, the production value high (courtesy of Somerville’s Time Bomb Studios), and Jamie’s voice carries loud and true throughout the quartet, mostly love and relationship-themed tunes... The intensity of the music is felt right off the bat with “What You Have,” and gets kicked up a notch or three with “Stay With Me.” This is no mellow folk artist, people. It’s the kind you crank up as you’re speeding down the interstate, windows down, letting the sound carry you over the miles of endless asphalt. Jamie sets the bar very high with Cornerstone, and it’s worth going to a show to see if he can replicate on stage what he does in the studio.”

“His music has an 80’s feel with a modern day touch, if you get what I mean! Lol He has a real passion for what he does, and I tell you it comes across in his music. Take a look at one of his live videos and see what he puts out on stage!”

“Jamie Alimorad is an award-winning singer and songwriter out of the Boston college scene. His debut effort, "Cornerstone", is a perfect example of what this artist is all about; mature songwriting and excellent musicianship.”

“Jamie Alimorad has a more-than-pleasant voice and a knack for penning catchy pop/rock songs with tremendous upside. It's hard not to like Alimorad from the get-go, and this kind of material is always a threat to be picked up radio station in a big city and go viral. Don't be surprised if we hear more from Jamie Alimorad in the future. For now, Cornerstone is a tremendous start. Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5) ”

“Fans young and old are going to love the music of Jamie Alimorad. He is comfortable in his own element, and it shows when you listen to his music. In this special spotlight with our Webzine, Jamie Alimorad speaks with us about his music, his love for Rock- n- Roll, and his biggest musical influences.”