James Stell / Press

“James Stell has climbed the charts one more time. He is still #1 on the Gospel Charts and now he is #1 n the Local Charts which entails all genres of music such as: Gospel,Christian,Rock, Rap, Country etc Way to go James you are an example of Striving to the top!!!”

Dixie Stell - The Dixie Chronicles

"James Stell which is a Christian Artist that has been towering on top of the charts and working on new music every day still manages to value his friendships and those he holds close to his heart. James gave a performance of a lifetime at one of his old time friend’s wedding day. The rafters rang with the sweet beautiful words “You are So Beautiful” as the bride walked in and the groom saw her for the first time. Alongside him was his beautiful daughter looking up at her father as she sang the song right along with James. This moment proves that James is more than an Artist; he is a best friend,a brother, and a father and with all those combined he will continue to have a long, successful career.”

Lendall Hernandez, - Independent Publicist

“James Stell which is a Christian Artist has moved up on the charts to #2 amongst the Rock, Pop, and Country with his Christian motivated music, and is still at #1 on the Gospel Charts in the West Texas region!!! Keep pushing Kingdom Agenda James...”