James Scott Bullard / Press

“This is the sort of country rock that I get out of bed for.”

“(His) songs are flawless, perfect representations of country music...something tells me Bullard will soon be a household name in country music like Simpson and Price.”

“James Scott Bullard is a dude, a dude I would like to have a drink with, a dude that writes some killer tunes, a dude I am not saying I am not kind of afraid of.”

“Bullard's name can be found stacked neatly alongside Waylon, Willie and the boys on Wikipedia's list of "The Most Notable Outlaws in Country Music” and the now infamous: “Who The Fuck Is James Scott Bullard?” t-shirts can be seen proudly plastered across the chests of friends and fans everywhere. They have been spotted from the murk of the deep south to Hollywood's infamous Laurel Canyon and beyond, and lately, proudly worn by legendary punk and heavy metal icons, all of whom seem to accept Bullard as one of their own, much more so than his Country/Americana peers. To further elaborate, one of Bullard's many legendary supporters said it best: "Even in places that are known for chewing musicians up and spitting them out on a daily basis, JSB just waltzes in and gives 'em cavities and diarrhea, that's why we love him, he's an alpha wolf."”

Matt Galligan

“He suffers the curse of being just unpredictable and dangerous enough to be too rock & roll for mainstream country, but still too country for mainstream rock & roll. Not to mention; obviously way too country for modern country! Instead, he falls into the abyss of: Americana, outlaws, renegades, rebels and his own self-proclaimed: “Country & Southern Honky-Tonk Rock & Roll.””

King Rat Reviews

““To witness him take an audience is like watching a man possessed. Part preacher, part snake-oil salesman, with the swagger of rock & roll, the pain of the blues, the heartache of old country and delivered with the conviction of a tent-show gospel revival.””

“I’ve become very disillusioned with music journalists who compare every new up and coming artist to an established artist; whether it’s living or dead, flattering or not, it’s still become a tired staple in reviews and critique’s. Case in point; 1.) He’s a great and prolific songwriter who has taken exactly the right parts from both rock (the sloppy complexity) and country (the simplistic poetry) to build a catalog of alt.country genius for which he has received awards, accolades and nods from some pretty heavy hitters in the business. 2.) He has a shaky past, that if read into, is almost unbelievable and makes Bullard seem unbreakable. 3.) If you’ve ever seen him live you probably get the following quote from one of my peers: “Bullard has a walk, a swagger that is not unlike a wolf circling its prey. He's hungry. When he is on the stage, he is a demon, and by the time the show ended I’m pretty sure every woman in the room would follow that walk anywhere.””

“I once read that; “Truly great songwriters are madmen who just chose to take a more creative route than serial killing.” And if you look at the track record of America’s most revered songwriters, you do see a pattern: Most of them are either addicts or reformed addicts. Most of them had, to say the least, strange childhoods. Most of them have a history of depression or some other psychological disorder. Most of them are loud, selfish, aggressive, brash people who crave attention, but pretend they don’t. This is probably (some of it definitely) all true about Bullard as well, but if you want to know what James Scott Bullard is without a comparison, here is my conclusion; He’s the bravado of rock and roll, he’s the pain of blues, he’s the beautiful heartache of country, and there’s nothing fake about it. He is quite simply the real deal. ”

“WILL THE REAL JAMES SCOTT BULLARD STAND UP: You don't see bad reviews on James Scott Bullard's body of work, and I must admit; he may be the most ambitious indie artist I’ve ever interviewed. Within a 40 minute phone conversation he told me about new albums, new side projects; including: bands, horror film scripts, concept albums, artwork, and even books that he’s working on as you’re reading this. But I get the feeling that Mr. Bullard is ambitious on a dangerous level, (and I don’t mean like postal dangerous) I mean like; don’t turn your back on him if you’re in the spot he wants. Or, to quote Bullard himself: “Never go down the stage stairs in front of someone who wants to be the headliner.””

“James Scott Bullard is the kind of singer/songwriter that other singer/songwriters long to be. With songs drenched in pills, whiskey, and beautiful she-devils sent from hell to shepard some poor jaded sap into the depths of heartbreak, Bullard is nothing short of a poet.”

David Butler - Morning News