James Moors / Press

"I'd liken Moors and McCumber to the harmonies of the Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, or Seals and Crofts. Vocally they stand in the same caliber as those performers, but this duo also brings a unique intimacy to their music. Listening to their songs is like sitting by the fireplace and hearing a friend spin tall tales, over a good scotch. "

"James Moors resonates immediately. He writes deeply sincere, often peacefully therapeutic music with a wisdom far beyond the norm. A special artist. It's no wonder he loves Neil Finn, because he shares some of the same melodic gifts."

STEVE MORSE - Longtime Boston Globe writer

““Hush,” is easily 2008’s most promising disc yet. From beginning to end, “Hush” is a beautiful tapestry of gracious, Storyhill-worthy melodies and straight-shot-to-the-soul lyrics; proving, once again, that Moors is one of the nation’s most underrated songwriters.”

Matthew R. Perrine - Budgeteer News

“An original Talent 4 out of 5! The twelve songs on this album form a balanced whole, with James Moors coming across as a young Joe Henry. There is a great similarity between the two. ”

John Gjaltema - altcountry.nl

““Hush” is a document of transformation. This is one man’s unblinking and unveiled declaration of his life conversion offered to his family and the world. One aspect of many great artists is simply being themselves.(Hush is) an unencumbered, earnest new work that is inspirational.”

John Zeigler - Duluth News Tribune

“***1/2 Compare to the likes of Darden Smith. ”

Patrick Donders - Hanx.net

“I hear a lot of CDs as a music director for a college radio station, but few pass the test. This guy can write and sing enjoyable, radio-friendly melodies and deserves your ears.”

John Bommarito - Host of Acoustic Alternativees, WHFR Dearborn

"A Radio-Friendly Baritone with a consistent quality that marks a professional at the top of his game"

John McLaughlin - Host/Producer Roots & Wings WMUC-FM