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“Abingdon, Va. resident James Meadows warrants attention. When he wraps his evocative voice around Doug Stone’s “I’d Be Better Off (In A Pine Box)” or Miranda Lambert’s “White Liar,” conviction follows. He’s what country music needs today, a voice that leaves no question. Folks, he’s country. That’s high praise during a time when the real thing can be hard to find.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting James last September, at the Chris Young show in Abingdon, Va. A lot of the people I hang with know James well. It was Dan Deel, another country singer from this area, that introduced me to James. You’ll be hearing more about Dan soon. When I met James a little more than three months ago, it was my intention to get something up on this web site about this very talented kid. But, we all know what they say about good intentions… So finally – here it is. Taken from the biography on James’ MySpace page, I believe this tells his story better than I could..... Listen to some of the stuff on his web site, and on his MySpace. He has a lot of other music on YouTube, too. Let me know what you think. I like him – very much”

“James Meadows and his band, The Country Mile Drifters, step on stage at The Country Club Bar & Grill and immediately receive a thundering applause. Andy Bland, the clubs General Manager, seems to know what his customers want in good music. "We try to provide a variety of live bands for our customers and James Meadows and his band play a variety of country and country rock," he said from backstage. "James and his band are from Abingdon and he has played here before and the people just loved them. It's the first country band I've seen that ends their performance with a Gospel set." (This article is continued in the link listed below..)”

“Rain dampened last year’s Heritage Day in Bluff City. "It absolutely poured," said Wanda Phillips, Heritage Day event planner. So Phillips hopes for a dry day and fun times during this year’s 15th Annual Heritage Day. Scheduled for Sept. 25 along Main Street, small town, picturesque Bluff City will buzz with arts and crafts and food and you bet music. "I’ll tell you what," Phillips said, "by noon the street will be packed." By then, music fans will have heard James Meadows and the Country Mile Drifters. The Abingdon, Va.-based country singer will sing at 10 in the morning, which is fine by him as he navigates his climb in the country music world. "I can promise you that you will get professional music from us," Meadows said. "We fight hard to be a great country band." (This article is continued on the website located below....)”

“Monday, June 21, 2010 B.A.D. IDEA NEWS™ A ~ PAGE 13 Monday, June 21, 2010 THE BEST LOCAL NEWS AND VIEWS SECTION A ~ PAGE 13 contd. on p. 25 go to the website and click on the My Album button to get a feel for what Meadows plays, you'll find it does includes some of the 'slow stuff' that still appeals to many, as well as a showing of other styles. The band currently includes Meadows, Bill Bass, playing bass and singing harmony, Mike Collins on lead guitar and Nathan McClure on drums. The band is looking, slowly and carefully for a fifth member but hasn't settled on one yet....... (article continued in link listed below!) ”

“Often bands find themselves conforming to popular music, but for toe- tapping country band James Meadows and the Country Mile Drifters, classic country has never gotten old. The fact that they play traditional country makes them different, Meadows said. How they play it is what sets them apart. "We still play some of the new stuff, too, of course as long as it fits our style," Meadows said. "We also throw in plenty of rock and we have some really unique and fun versions of some great tunes, too." "I guess you could say that we really have a sort of part honky-tonk, part rockabilly and part classic country style about us," said Meadows, who plays the guitar as well. "It's not just 'tear in your beer' slow stuff that a lot of people stereotype with older country." Meadows looks forward to the future. "Traditional country speaks to America and the whole world for that matter," Meadows said. "Its real music, about real people, sang and played straight from the heart and soul." ”

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