James Leg / Press

"This is without doubt some of the rawest soul/blues/punk rock ‘n’ roll and coolest Fender Rhodes electric piano playing you’ll ever hear, along with the dirtiest Whiskey-smoked growl that has ever been put to tape. Yes, folks, this album is a winner. It’s dirtier and louder than most other things, and just fucking awesome. It’s the future, the past and present, all rolled up into a tight joint, ready to smoke, get high and just rock the fuck out..."

"In the Black Diamond Heavies, the Immortal Lee County Killers, the Cut In The Hill Gang, he was John Wesley Myers. Now, you can lose the formality and call him- simply- James Leg, a moniker for a sneering, whiskey fueled, son-of-a-preacher, punk rocker of a long gone order. Barely off the heels of his 2015 sophomore release, Below The Belt— for which Elmore dubbed Leg “Part Howlin’ Wolf, part Iggy Pop… the new standard-bearer for the rebels”—Leg is getting ready to release his third solo album, Blood On The Keys, September 30th via Alive Naturalsound Records. "

"Leg sounds like no one, and writes like no one. That's his beauty. If you're looking for a soundalike pack it in and head home, you're clearly barking aside the wrong tree. If you're a fan of gunnite gypsy punk with a rocksteady back beat, James Leg is your eternal ediface. There is nothing like a Leg record and there never will be, no one plays like him, no one growls like him, and certainly no one rocks like him. He's a world travelled stalwart and will be forever a gem in the Blues crown."

“Solitary Pleasure gives Leg the opportunity to tap the breaks. As tempos grind down, melodies long held underground rub their tired eyes in the light of day, and Leg seems to revel in the freedom afforded by this, showing greater emotion and ambition than one might believe based solely on his output with BDH. Nobody’s Fault is an almost disturbingly poignant number that pert near finds Leg sniffing radio fare, and could have easily slipped onto Waits’ Closing Time or Warren Zevon’s self-titled record without drawing fire.”

My Old Kentucky Blog

“The sound, solidified by Myers’ other bands The Black Diamond Heavies and The Immortal Lee County Killers, is now clearly its own musical movement. This generation is reinterpreting its roots, and the musical world is a better place for this fresh take on the blues.”

Tanya Rezak - We Heard That

“Leg establishes himself in the style of an early era Leon Russell merged with some acute punk sensibilities. His keyboard work is both raw and multi-textured bringing a force of sound that clears the dust off your speakers. Like Russell, Leg also brings in a healthy dose of gospel fire that delivers another fervent level to the proceedings.”

Jim Markel - Swampland

“Though the first two songs are heavy numbers—”Do How You Wanna” even adds a guitar—Leg is exploring other rootsy styles for the rest of the album, mostly with self written tunes. From the saloon lament of “Nobody’s Fault” accompanied by only a slightly out of tune piano to the heavily amped romp of Link Wray’s “Fire And Brimstone” that rivals the Neville Brothers’ version, Solitary Pleasure has more soul.”

S. Victor Aaron - Something Else!