James Keyes / Press

“With a deft hand and harp to go with a baritone as strong as brewed black coffee, Keyes demonstrates an impressive mastery of multifaceted Americana.”

“It is an album that seems to sit in a middle ground that links a folksy country to the deep blues, with its tales of love, lost love, an acceptance of lifes knocks, the pursuit of meaning...”

“James Keyes' new CD "Devil Takes the Hindmost" is another example of his engaging brand of homemade stomp, growled ballads and infectious tunes mithing.”

"Devil Take The Hindmost... timeless road songs you would want to listen to while behind the wheel of a car, or while riding shotgun with Satan."

“With a bluesy, resonant voice and guitar work that evokes American roots rock, Keyes straddles a lot of what a lot of other musicians would consider fences in the musical world.”

“Ruminations, a tough no-bullshit set of songs sitting pissed and drunken between Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Waylon Jennings, most of the tracks stripped down to basics and hiding from nothing.”

“...the 44 minutes of Ruminations' 15 songs speed by with effortless ease keeping the listener fully engaged and entertained.”

“Zijn onder hun tweetjes al in ruime mate verantwoordelijk dat dit album met Pasen verplicht bij uw thuis naast de chocolade eitjes moet terug te vinden zijn.”

“If gargling whiskey and chain-smoking were the national pastimes, this album would provide our country's anthem.”

“Honest, gritty delivery of well penned songs, aided by stellar, strong, vocals, and killer instrumentation.”

“James Keyes’ is a singer/songwriter, yes; and he would go over well in the folk scene but maybe more like in a dark, beer-soaked, smoky basement rock club.”

“It’s the kind of music you want to listen to on the back porch, with a bottle of Maker’s Mark in your hand and a good dog at your feet.”

“Ruminations is time-honored country music played by an archetypal country outlaw.”

“It is not hard to compare Keyes to the likes of Johnny Cash or Tom Waits, but his style is his alone.”