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“Everything became even more amazing when James Dalton entered the stage”

“Dalton on küps muusik – julge, enesekindel ja publikusõbralik, kes suudab panna kuulaja tundma, et artist mängib just talle.”

“Along with two noteworthy and enjoyable openers who treated all who was in attendance to what was a pretty magical night of music. The evening kicked off with NJ folk artist James Dalton whose style of folk and blues allows for his raspy soulful voice to resonate thru the crowd accompanied by sweet guitar work and a harmonica that I won’t soon forget. His set left me feeling as if I had taken a ride thru the mind of a man who has seen many things and lives to describe his travels and life thru his art.”

"His voice has a nice gruff quality to it, somewhere between John Bell(Widespread Panic) and Ted Hawkins and he's admirably capable of going from that grittiness and swooping up into a falsetto in the manner of Jeff Buckley"

M.T.H. Weitzman - Elmore Magazine

"James Dalton continues to release exceptional homegrown music without putting on airs of the folk world chameleons. It takes more than a guitar, a flannel shirt and fedora to live this music, and Frankonia is just the latest in a multitude of independent projects that continues to keep Dalton in the Shoreworld spotlight, and as Chris Barry would say, “And the world beyond.”

John Pfeiffer - Aquarian Weekly

"For those of you who aren’t musically educated, he’s what industry folks call “ba-dass”

“James Dalton has done something many musicians aspire to do yet few achieve.”

“In den vergangenen Jahren zog es Singer/Songwriter James Dalton aus Bayhead, New Jersey hin und wieder ins beschauliche Mittelfranken und bei diesen Gigs entstanden die rundum tollen Aufnahmen zu „Frankonia“. Daltons Musik ist ein Querschnitt durch die amerikanische Rootsmusik, mit Elementen aus Blues, Country und Folk – versehen mit erfrischenden Crunches und Edges durch sein einzigartiges Gesangsorgan und sein energetisches Gitarrenstrumming. Zwischendurch noch eine saufiese Mundharmonika. Fertig ist das eingängig-erdige Live-Feeling zwischen strandiger Melancholie und Feelgood-Rhythmik. Die Karosserie auf dem Albumcover findet sich übrigens im Hinterhof vom berüchtigten Weißen Ross in Immeldorf, wo Dalton schon legendäre Abende füllte”

“The eloquently homespun quality of Dalton’s concise and thoughtful songwriting rates as another sterling asset. An absolute delight”

"Offering up four tracks worth of highly eclectic and engaging folksy blues, this sweet little EP makes for alternately relaxing or invigorating listening. Dalton’s strong and booming vocals project a certain laid-back charm while his guitar, ukulele, and harmonica playing are quite sturdy and adroit. Recorded in front of a live audience, the music contained herein possesses a real intimacy and immediacy that’s both exciting and appealing in equal measure. The first two songs for the most part are very frothy while Dalton works that lowdown grindin’ grit somethin’ fierce on the fabulously hard-diggin’ “Dusty Old Goodbyes” and “I Know Your Name is Karen Ma.” A real kick-ass beaut. "

"Butterflies and Passerbys is an uplifting and beautiful musical journey. I can feel the emotions coming through the music that James experienced in his life and to me, that is real and great songwriting."

Josh Zandman - www.songandfilm.com

““The Little Things” features the harmonica work of James Dalton. Dalton’s style really brings you back, recreating the mood and feel of a country long gone from this modern world. Together with Montrey, he transports us to the folk-tinged style of a simpler life.”

"Butterflies and Passerbys" is musically and lyrically impressive, but it's most impressive quality is the way it tells a story. It's certainly not a concept album, but rather a book of fairy tales from a wandering bard from Jersey.

"James is one of the finest harmonica players in NY"

Dave Fields - Big City Blues Magazine

“a unique style that comes straight from the soul”

Chris Caronna - WEXP LaSalle University Radio

“lots of gutsy energy and imagery, and his singing...has real power and conviction”

Rob Adams - The Scotsman

“With such a commanding voice and innate feeling for traditional American music, Dalton makes pining for the Garden State sound natural and moving enough to make even Springsteen regret the urge to run away”

“an ear pleasing set of blues and folk with a twist...impressive”

“A breath of fresh air, where cover bands dominate the scene, Dalton’s passionate approach to playing and writing never fails to surprise listeners”

“one of the most unexpectedly cool shows to enjoy...4 stars”

Three Weeks

“JAMES DALTON has a strong, classic singer-songwriter voice, in the way he sings, the way in writes, and the posture he projects on “Butterflies and Passerby” (aeriarcords.com). His structure, while being “classic” is hardly formulaic, thankfully, which makes this an easy listen”

“Dalton’s sound is defined by a degree of soulfulness which is maintained through all shades of the emotional spectrum”

“truly baring his soul onstage-the way he always does”

Gary Wien - Upstage Magazine

"a combination of skilled storytelling, masterful playing"

“His music is rootsy, sincere and uninhibited, as it delves into the core of its performer’s soul”

“Mr. Dalton carefully crafts tasteful bluesy folk pop Europa/Americana on this handcrafted outing. Heartfelt balladeering, whimsical reflection, a classic coming of age lyrical realization melded masterfully with harmonica, mandolin, guitar, and melodic but firm vocal statesmanship”

Colie Brice - Luna Musings