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"BrEAk iT dOWn" new final release- Thank you to all the fans who purchased the " shadow version" in anticipation of this final release.. very grateful..THX Love

James Christian Andersen - Break it Down

“She Wants to Believe scores 83%OMP -on it's way to CBS Radio!!”

Reverbnation - CBS Radio

“International Air Play Starts next week CCM NETWORK INTERNATIONAL has selected" ONE MORE DAY " for Air Play on the Christian Radio Stations/Satellite radio through out USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA as part of CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEGMENT.Thank you!”


“North Star Media [opportunity] played your song, A Conversation with Love July 17 at 3:08 pm”

North Star Media - Air Play

“Featured Artist "Sean's Song" received an 8.4 review rating and James Christian Andersen will be an upcoming Featured Artist on Reverbnation. Congratulations!”

Press - Featured Artist

“Reverbnation- Featured Artist October 22nd-29th for song submission"A Conversation with Love". Thank's everybody for your continued support!!! I missed you.”

Reverbnation Notification - Featured Artist

“Great News, "Please Forgive Me"- and "The One"written by James Christian Andersen has been chosen for an upcoming Independent Film scheduled for this summer.”

Barbara Strain-Crossroads Digital Media - Film Producer Request

“If you miss the sounds of " The Righteous Bros. then you gotta hear HERBIE RUSS vocals and sounds on JAMES CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN song " I NEVER KNEW"”

I Never Knew

“Thank you so very much for your response to Sean's Song-To have something so special to me, be special to you! Ranking now 10 in US and 10 Global-”

JCA - status-"Sean's Song" (Golden Wings)

“HELLO DETROIT Detroit's Legendary Jazz artists Herbie Russ and Nashville's Smok'n Kat Bowser perform Songwriter James Christian Andersen's new release"Until Tomorrow Comes"”

“Congratulations! Congratulations! Your song One by One has scored a 75% or better market potential and is on its way to the DJs at CBS Radio. Once the DJs have decided to put your song into rotation on their "Tomorrow's Hits Today" radio station we will notify you. Make sure to tell your fans that you might be on the radio soon!”

Reverbnation Press - CBS Radio"Tomorrow's Hits Today"

"Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra provides beauty in the string section of " One More Day" by James Christian Andersen. Many Thanks !

"One More Day"

“Hi James, I just got off the phone with A-Sides Radio Promotion and they have approved "One More Day" for their Christmas radio promotion campaign. Christian Radio Play throughout Canada, USA, Australia and several other countries. CCM Network International”

CCM Network International - MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

“REVIEWS are in – “ THIS ROAD HOME” It 's as if you're cuddled up under a blanket sipping hot coco and watching the window as it snows. It would be nice to hear on the radio around Christmas time. It 's amazing! The tone was relaxing and made want to sit around a fire with my family singing! This is a hit holiday song. I am sure of it. It brings so much peace and emotions. The song is heartwarming. I just want to sit at a campfire, burning marshmallows and listen to this alone. I would buy this song and put it on my chilling music playlist.” It’s definitely a family song and something that everybody can enjoy. It was just amazing keep it up!” The song is great both to the ears and the souls. Like heaven on earth. “I loved this song. I loved his voice, the guitar, the music and the lyrics. I would purchase.”