"I like this new saxophone player, James Brandon Lewis. He has a new album out now. He has a good sound on tenor." (Sonny Rollins, interview on Musica Jazz by Enzo Capua)

“James Brandon Lewis-"7 Musicians 30 and under to watch* - Ebony Magazine ”

“James Brandon Lewis, an amazing tenor player who is going to make an impact. He recorded "Divine Travels" with William Parker and Gerald Cleaver.”

“ I am constantly in search of beauty and the meaning behind the notes, and am driven to play my own experience.”

“Successfully unhinges the stifling constrictions of genre on his debut album Moments and emerges with a sound that is both unique and expansive ”

“If you don't know James Brandon Lewis is definitely a heavy hitter!”

Taylor pace - Taylor pace- very talented cat

“Lewis certainly has the potential to be a strong, innovative voice in jazz. ”