James Armstrong / Press

“Many thanks to Mr. James Armstrong for his assistance, passion, and strong arrangements of the charts we used for this show, He's one of the best ARRANGERS AROUND today, especially for this genre of music.most of the compositions were almost 50 years old .”

"...wonderfully played solo piano. inventive, powerful..."

“...It is through his touch, his feel for the instrument that he achieves his individual power...”

"...wow! really beautiful stuff, pushing the possibilities of an instrument that's been around for a few hundred years. Attaching that third arm has really worked out!..."

"...James you are the best and thank you so much. It was such an Honor to have you with us last night..."

"... the night climaxed penultimately, with a performance by master composer-recording artist and piano virtuoso James Armstrong, Carl Herder, bass, Lisa Chu, violin and Robert Houtman, drums. The selections were: “The Eternal Spirit”, “Perpetuum Mobile” (bpm 360), “Beijing Girl”..."

"...Last night I attended the Pro Jazz Open Stage Night at Angelica’s Bistro in Redwood City. This jam session was with professionals from all over. One person was there from Amsterdam. The musicians all did their thing and it was AMAZING. But peeps, when Robert and Carl from RWH and The Jazz Triad, along with James, a well known super pianist and Lisa, the violinist from Chinese Melodrama took the stage, the entire place went into shock. The playing was so phenomenal, I almost cried, it was that good. They took you to a totally different space. Lisa had never played Jazz before and they weren’t going by music charts. It was just pure impromptu and it was beyond amazing. If you weren’t there, you missed it. It was true professional musicianship at work. It was the best Jazz jam that I have ever witnessed..."

“Pianistul James Armstrong a lansat un nou disc solo. Înregistrarea aduce mai multe improvizații pe teme contrastante precum și interpretarea unei compoziții mai vechi din perioada studenției. Este vorba de o baladă scrisă în 1980, o încercare de sintetizare a muzicii lui Thelonious Monk și a lui Horace Silver, care l-au influențat în acea vreme. Pianistul James Armstrong a absolvit Universitatea California din Santa Barbara. “Variations on Italian Pastoral Themes” explorează amintiri vechi legate de Europa, unde artistul a stat între anii 1965 – 1966. Este vorba de perioada pre-adolescenței, James Armstrong fiind născut în 1957.”