Jamemurrell Stanley / Press

“hen Ryder disappeared and left the stage to Bill Carbone and Jay Stanley. It is interesting that these two guys were on stage as Max Creek, as neither of them was in the band just two years ago and there they were holding down the drum jam at a special show, as if they had been on that train for year. In partiuclar, Jay Stanley really seems to have found his space in the band, both as a major rhythmic contributor, and as a creator of new sounds. He took me right back to the Agora ballroom during the first set by using the bird whistle that all Creek fans will associate with Robert Fried’’s tenure in the band.”

“ “It lets students think about themselves, about ‘Who am I’? And then look over to the person sitting next to them and ask, ‘Who are you’?” said Jamemurrell Stanley, the musician who taught the Western African drumming session with his colleague Tim Bowman. Having art in our lives, Stanley said, is fundamental not only to our understanding of ourselves but also to our understanding of our community.”

“Alberto Einstein pensaba que la experiencia es la única fuente del conocimiento. Experimentar, vivir y formas de expresarse son las flores y los frutos de nuestra cultura, nuestros idiomas y cantos en sus colores, acentos, ritmos y giros son la literatura existencial de un pueblo. Hoy atestiguamos una multiplicidad de cuadros en movimiento de la esencia misma de nuestra gente: ”

“Wakefield Elementary School PTO hosted the Bamidele Dancers & Drummers Wednesday as part of a cultural event series aimed at teaching cultural awareness and diversity. Students, teachers, administrators and staff participated in an interactive performance rich with historical content and custom.”

“On March 2 the Bamidele Dancers and Drummers visited Dedham’s Avery School and gave a wonderful performance of African and Caribbean dance and music. ”

“In addition to inaugural performances in Pike’s brand new theater, the Bamidele Dancers and Drummers offered workshops to a limited number of students in each division during their residency at Pike over a period of two weeks. Students learned African and African-rooted songs and dances, as well as how to play congas, log drums, and a variety of percussion instruments. ”

“his smorgasbord of musical genres will continue throughout the coming semester. Feb. 18 brings Jamemurrel Stanley and The Drummers of Peace and Equality; March 18 features Tim MacMaster on bagpipes; April 15 spotlights acoustic guitarist Kevin Byrne; and Latin pop takes center stage on May 27 with Maura Mendoza. ”

“Each student is responding to the drumming and dancing, swaying and copying the hand movements of Marilyn and her fellow performers Jamemurrell Stanley of the U.S. and Sekou Sylla of Guinea, West Africa. It’s quite a sound as many small children sing the African words and rhythms in unity, surprisingly adept at the new rhythms. ”

“After more than a year and almost 100 gigs with vocalist Toussaint Liberator, the NY-CT-MA dub collective Buru Style parked their cars and focused on making some permanent music in their new home studios. They’ve recorded nearly three albums’ worth of material, and over the next several months, the fruit of their efforts will ripen and hit the airwaves. ”

“On stage, they’re a blast to watch. Ian Coss, tall and skinny, leans over his guitar, Jamemurrell Stanley, a compact ball of energy, can barely be seen behind his djembes, and the horn line-up allows for scores of variation in their instrumentals.”