Jaloes / Press

“I don’t have a strict method for writing, but I like to use some elements from the minimalism and post-minimalist music, like layering of simple melodies, consonant harmony or the additive process. I write in front of a keyboard to play the melodies I build, and I use a sequencer with software instruments to edit and record on a laptop computer.”

“It’s an emotive sort of music meant for work environments to sooth tired minds, Sunday chess and intimate moments. The album “Weather’ paints pictures of Winter landscapes with its song titles as well as its tones. It’s meant for the parts of movies where the character experiences deep loss.”

“Rainy immediately made me think of Philip Glass, and what more do you need as far as an introduction? I hope you enjoy this driving and insistent piano piece. The more I listen to it, the more I love it.”

“Jaloes es realmente Javier López. Nació en Almería en 1967 y vive en Madrid donde trabaja como ingeniero de telecomunicación mientras estudia y aprende música y piano. Su música es instrumental minimalista, hecha con teclado y ordenador, con influencias de músicos como Wim Mertens, Philip Glass o Yann Tiersen.”

“Jaloes is a spanish composer of instrumental minimalist music. His songs, made with piano and computers, are described as relaxing, melodic, rhythmic and repetitive. Some of his musical influences come from the American minimalist music, La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Phlip Glass, and later musicians who made an approach to this style, like Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman, John Adams and Yann Tiersen.”

“Jaloes music is classified under New Age, and indeed does have a calming and peaceful mood. Don't expect glaring changes or upsetting rhythms here... just tranquil and tasteful piano music.”

“With repeated melodies and additions, using traditional instruments and his trusty computer, he creates soothing sounds to relax the cares of your day away.”

“‘Snowy’ there’s that same stilled almost incubated / hermetically sealed sensation that’s brought on by snowfall as it blankets the land acting like a pillow muffling the sounds from afar, the skipping keys mimicking perfectly the galloping flurries as well as the pit a patter here brought to life by the frosted chimes. Its gorgeous stuff mostly piano based and very much moulded with a classical eye none more so is this the case than on ‘foggy (strings mix)’ where the calming swells of brontean braids tenderly tempt with the sumptuous beauty of fortdax”

“There certainly are some very lovely melodic elements to this piece and I also appreciate your pure and simple approach, your layering and builds are quite effective as well.”

“I really liked many of the places you took this harmonically”

"Rainy" semi-finalist in the instrumental category in UK Songwriting Contest 2009